Dear all,

First, we do strongly appreciate all the warm and encouraging words we have received in the last few months from you all. Thank you so much indeed.

Some of the recurrent questions that we receive privately in our simpletrader message inbox is about drawdown, and we would like to clarify and give a detailed explanation on how it works.

First, please note that most social trading sites and reporting tools measures drawdown in a different manner. For the sake of simplicity, let us differentiate here between:

- Floating DD: A loss that is alive in our equity, but with positions not closed yet (i.e. the balance is not reflecting that loss).
- Consolidated DD: A loss that has already been consolidated and is final, already reflected in our balance since the losing positions have been closed already.

Secondly, allow us to clarify how and when did we start using our ML-based trading system. Our system is the result of a work that started back in 2007 by myself (

I am a Senior Software Engineer, Financial Aerospace Defence Telecommunications, and Founder CTO in Madrid, España. Visit my website.

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