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    Because of Darwinex don't allow anymore funds on their Darwin and the issue of high slippage, a result of their news trading, I am in contact with them and try to convince them to come back to Simpletrader and their loyal follower in this community.

    Simpletrader offers so many function to protect them, max balances and only subscribe on invitation.

    lets see and hope that they are interested in us.


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      Hi, The trader wont come back to simple trader network, I'm the one who got him here intially.

      You have to join the managed service.


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        I am in contact with Gianluca and if he tells me that they really won't come back after Darwinex is not able to handle their trades very well during news I will forward it.

        until now the inquiry is there.


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          ATC Brokers is also struggling with Slippage, in fact their records are worst than Darwinex although their performance fee is 30% for those under $100K. Probably an invitation through Simple Trader for those having a certain amount invested already in these MAMs could be an option for them to study.