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    FjodorForex - Investment with Future | |

    Hello Community,

    here I want answer all your questions about my strategy. Many questions are already answered on my website. You can use Google Translator or equivalent services to translate the content on my website. Almost all questions are asked and answered here, I will also publish on my website. Always be honest, loyal, open and transparent is my claim. At the bottom of the following site you can click into the graphic, into every single year from 2004 until 2015, you have a MyFxBook link and you can open or download the complete detailed strategy backtest for every single year. Then you see every single trade. More transparent isn't possible.

    You can use my strategy with the following services: | | |

    Best Regards
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    It seems that this system only shorts GBPUSD.

    From your backtest I could not see clearly some stats because of google translator working incorrectly.

    Can you please tell me your expected monthly gain and expect max DD.
    What would be the average typically DD
    What is your expected stagnation period
    This system trades the 1min charts?
    Average holding time?

    I see so far lots opened have been 0.01-0.08, what is logic behind it?



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      Hello hardyli,

      thank you for your interest and questions and sorry for the late answer.

      1.) Yes, my system only open sell / short trades in GBPUSD.

      2.) For the expected monthly gain, please look at my site:

      to the question: "Wie viel Kapital ist erforderlich?"

      There you can see a table with the yearly gain and yearly maximum drawdown. So when you calculate the expected monthly gain with the last 12 years of strategy backtests, you can expect a average monthly gain of 283 Euro. When you calculate the expected monthly gain with the last 3 years of strategy backtests, you can expect a average monthly gain of 139 Euro. When you now look at the live / real results, you can see that strategy backtests match with the live / real results. The expect maximum drawdown you can see on my questions site
      too. In the 12 years strategy backtests the maximum drawdown was in 2006 with 4.867 Euro.

      3.) The average typically drawdown you can see on my backtest site:

      When you click on every single year on the bottom of these page and you look or click on the graphic you can see that the average typically drawdown is at the most time very low. But sometimes and this happens not often in the year the drawdown is bigger.

      4.) The expected stagnation period you can also see in the backtests. It is between 10 and 20 days.

      5.) The system trades at the 1 min chart, yes.

      6.) The average trade length / holding time isn't show in the strategy backtests. Until now
      on FxBlue the average trade length is 6.7 hours, on MQL5 the average holding time is 7 hours, on MyFxBook the average trade length is 6h 39m and on SimpleTrader the average trade length is 12 hours. You can also see these data on the following sites:

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        I am sorry if i disturb the party, but what you are doing is in fact using a martingale system. As per my analysis, your myfxbook shows that your system produces negative pips and positive profit values (Ratio 1:3) which is indicative for a martingale system. Also the fact that if looked closer at timestamps and increasing lot sizes (always closed in small profits when negative balance is turned to positive) indicates a martingale system.

        Its not that i criticize which system you are using or whats the matter about it, but i think you should be more transparent to your customers. Otherwise i think you are not really aware of the industry you are dealing with.



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          Hello alcatraz39,

          thank you for your interest and criticism.

          In my opinion doubling the volume of trades means to use martingale. But my volume of the trades are not doubled.

          Are you sure that you doesn't confusing the terms of grid and martingale?

          Always be honest, loyal, open and transparent is my claim. For example: On the bottom of my site:

          you can click into the graphic and also into every single year from 2004 until 2015. Also on the bottom of this site you can open or download the complete detailed strategy backtest for every single year. Then you will see all trades. I think more transparent isn't possible. I will answer any question i will ever get.

          Best Regards
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            i am sure that i can interpret systems very well since i am more than 10 years active in the markets (not only forex). A martingale system doesnt badly need to "double up" lot sizing. The simple fact that such systems operate in "martingale factors" is a qualification of such a system. In other words as long as you increase lot sizes in whatever way, its qualified as martingale because the target operation is to average losses down. We could now sit down and talk about "modified systems" or "pure" systems. You are right that your system isnt a "pure" martingale (double up) but its a modified one.

            Talking about grids. If you refer to a grid, then you should know that a grid doesnt increase lot sizing and will not even in the best modified manner. Take a look at Goldstar signal.
            Its the best example of a modified but not pure grid. Goldstar uses his very own method to handle positions, but does never increase lot sizing.

            I have seen your backtest and except that i think its right what you do in first instance, i am not a believer in backtests. Backtests are made to provide a trader an idea on how stable a system "may" work, but will not indicate future results. Grids and martingale systems may work pretty well in sideways markets, but whats your plan if cable decides to turn into a trend with 1000 pips and up? You could pull the rug or hedge right ?

            However, i dont want to compare systems or talk about how well or bad systems operate before the results are long term viewable. With all respect i am far to judge yours. Stay with this good community and get a one year live forward track record. I am sure you will earn all trust you may deserve.



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              Hello alcatraz39,

              i think we have two different views for the martingale system in any form. It is true that a martingale system is not only equivalent to doubling a position. With my strategy there is an extremely slow increase of the positions (0.01 > 0.02 > 0.03 > 0.04 > 0.05 > 0.06 > 0.07 > 0.08 > 0.09 > 0.10 > 0.11 > 0.12 > 0.13 > 0.14 > 0.15 > 0.17) and this is in my view not a martingale system. No matter a position is doubled or multiplied by 1.5 the martingale system reaches very quickly his limits and that is not the case with my strategy.

              In the past 12 years of strategy backtest a maximum of 16 positions were opened with a total of 1.37 lot. Every martingale system with 16 opened positions guaranteed have more than 1.37 lots opened. That's one of the reasons why I think my strategy isn't a martingale system. With a martingale system i see an aggressive approach in the market, but this i can not see with my strategy.

              Grid means to me that several trades open in a basket and when the basket is in profit it will be closed accordingly. This principle takes place in my strategy and this is the reason of my previous statement that it is a grid system. If you compare the strategy backtests and my live / real results, you will notice that these things already agree on many points, thus supporting the credibility of my strategy backtests. For me strategy backtests isn't an idea nor a prospect as a strategy works, for me the strategy backtests are one of the foundations for a system to trust.

              Since the start of my strategy these could easily cover a range between 1.38369 and 1.47390 in GBP/USD without a big drawdown. In my aforementioned highest drawdown phase on strategy backtest with 16 opened positions, the strategy could cover your mentioned 1000 pips.

              Best Regards
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                Nice discussions, I am definitely keen to watch this system for a few more months. As AL said, once you have 12 month of live results behind you, I am sure a lot of ppl will be interested.

                It is nice to see a system being consistent and have a smooth equity curve. But the fact is it cannot last forver. So I am more interested to see at times of adversity, how your system handles a big DD.

                I want to know, so no matter what your account size get to, you will always open 0.01 lot initially?

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                  Hello hardyli,

                  thank you for your post.

                  I think it can last forever. Please look to the strategy backtests of the past 12 years:


                  A big drawdown will be handled like i said in my last post. The grid system open the positions in the following steps:
                  0.01 > 0.02 > 0.03 > 0.04 > 0.05 > 0.06 > 0.07 > 0.08 > 0.09 > 0.10 > 0.11 > 0.12 > 0.13 > 0.14 > 0.15 > 0.17

                  Yes, i will always initially openyou have more questions please write again. I will answer all questions as soon as possible.

                  Best Regards
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                    Your myfxbook stopped updating. Please check.

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                      Hello hardyli,

                      thank you for the information.
                      I've seen this yesterday, too.

                      The reason for the stopped updating of MyFxBook was a DDOS attack to MyFxBook. This was also the reason that the EA has no longer communicate with the servers of MyFxBook. I had hoped that the server and my Metatrader 4 synchronize
                      with each other sometime without restarting the Metatrader but that did not work. Therefore, I have the Metatrader 4 just rebooted and now everything works as before.


                      Best Regards


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                        Hi thanks for updating.

                        Now I want to know say if the market went against you and eventually you had to open 16 positions to 0.17 lots, what is your plan moving forward? What % DD of your account would you consider cutting it all and start again, ie 25%, 50%?


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                          Beautiful equity curve during the initial 3 months.
                          Would be nice to see you bringing more cool signals too.
                          Good Luck.


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                            Thank you for this good question.

                            Independent of the open trades i have the current plan: When i reach a drawdown of 2.500 Euro i will double my account equity to 10.000 Euro. So with this step and the knowledge of the 12 years strategy backtests that the drawdown never was higher then 5.000 Euro i will get a maximum drawdown of 50 %. I will never close any trades manually. In this drawdown situation i see my strategy more like a stock investment. Sometimes it look bad for a longer time but after this there come better times. The difference here is that it only takes 10 or 20 days with my strategy and with a stock investment it can take longer until the drawdown is recovered.

                            Furthermore, should the GBP / USD go up several cents (3 to 10 cents) without interruption to generate a drawdown he only need 2 cents go down and the drawdown is forgotten. This ratio is a advantage for me. Finally these drawdowns are very rare in a year.

                            Thank you for your post.

                            When i have more time, i will continue strategy backtests and perhaps publish more signals.

                            Best Regards
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                              So this means that any subscriber should not use a risk factor more than 0.5
                              Causr in case you hit your 50% dd and you had to double your balance then the dd reach 5k, this is 100% dd on the initial balanced, so for any subscriber who isn't bale to double his investment this will mean margin call for him

                              This is a serious note that everyone must have in mind

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