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    Yes, like Gunther says it mostly occur when the trade close, so hard to do anything about.

    MHD should consider using a Manchester VPS (if he's not already) and now when he's moving his account to Pepperstone UK i suppose their servers are in London, it should improve speed a lot since his signal overall has higher slippage compared to the others i'm using.


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      Let's hope that the slippage will improve now when I have moved to U.K. Server.


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        Unfortunately I don't think this will help much, but let's see how it goes.

        Titantrader had same problems, it's because in Asian session the spread is big, volatility is low and we all have different broker feed. If you close trades for around 5 pip this will result in BE or small profit for us, so if you like scalping for such small pip movement than this will most of the time cause the same results.

        However if your goal would be to get 20 pips or more, than this wouldn't even matter all would have nice profit, unfortunately than this wouldn't be your system anymore, so better not to change it too much and let's hope we get more profits during EU and US sessions... If not then unfortunately for us, the only option would be MAM...


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          Good analysis Oportunis! I will monitor the situation and if it doesn't change maybe a MAM would be the best solution for those who are interested. Currently I'm not planning in opening but maybe in the future.


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            Why not work out something with Blueberry Markets? I think currently Nick is partnering with this broker to work out something for the investor here.

            From what I see, the requirement for MAM is pretty low. Maybe can invite Dean of Blueberry Markets here? I am sure that he will be glad to work out a MAM solution for those who are interested in one.


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              Most of us don't want MAM... This is the worst that can happen here and will only be the last resort if slippage continues to eat profits...


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                Hmm, I hope you are aware what is going on... N. Korea launched a missile and JPY is moving like crazy. We are too exposed. Why trade in such conditions?


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                  Clearly the trade does not know, as accounts are near 10% in dd with 1 trade in less than 10-15 mins. Whats wrong with these traders? apparently have years of solid results, then as soon I as I follow it's the same old story, hold and hope style trading till it blows.


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                    Well he has SL at about 10% loss, currently we are at 5% DD... But usually he closes when we are around -1%, never seen him go so far... I hope he is online and following this...


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                      and to add to this, had 3 open trades the opposite way with USDJPY which all just closed at a loss.


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                        Bad day for me. I have paused this signal. The only thing is I closed at loss and it would be funny if EJ recovers and makes new high... But if this happens it is purely luck, nothing to do with trader. He should have closed trades when we were at about 1 or 2% loss and pause the EA, since market is unstable and nobody can predict what can happen in this situation. There is no logic behind it...


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                          Hi Joseph,

                          Are you going to provide a MyFxBook for the new account? The last one showing on the old account was Aug 21.



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                            I'm here and I'm not hiding. These trades were taken because they were executed by an EA. I was not aware of N.Korea missile launch over Japan.

                            EURJPY and USDJPY are running on two different strategies and are not linked. This month is obviously not a god month for me in terms of results.

                            The reason why the EURJPY moved so much tonight was due to due the missile incident and the trade was closed at - 1.73 %. DD for the whole session was at 4 %. The ea closes the position in a losing mode and thus didn't wait for a recovery.

                            My total drowdown is still less than 10% and currently running At 5-6% in DD. Total month result is at -3%.

                            Im trying to be as transperant as possible; if you don't like the risk for the EURJPY please either reduce the risk, disable the pair or if you are not satisfied unsubscribe fron MHD.
                            I will respect your choice of action; but accusing me for not being serious is not and a fair staement.

                            I have been trading EURJPY with this methodligy since 2008; and If I remember correctly N.Korea also launched a missile over Japan at that time and my account also went down approx 3 %.

                            I will monitorn political economic situation and might inactivate the EURJPY a couple of days if needed.

                            Please to all; don't put to much emotion into one trade or one week or one month but rather judge me from a longer period.

                            My money is also at risk; and I hate to lose more than planned. This loss is according to my plan but I know you folks are new and it ok for me if you feel unconformatable.

                            The decision is your.




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                              If you were following the trades, you should have disabled the signal if something like that happens. Fund managers need to be aware of such events. What would happen if there would be a gap and JPY would be 1k pips down in seconds. SL don't work during that time... The exposure you have on EJ is too big and risk reward too small. You risk 10% or more to get 5 pips, sooner or later you will get hit. Why don't you rather put SL closer and if it get's hit we start fresh, but damage is small.


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                                if the market would gap 1K pips than a lot of fund mangers/institutions would be seriously damaged! Look at my average win and average loss for EURJPY, you will see that my average wins and loss are equal, but the win ration is in the range of 70-80%.