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    So you keep saying, but not being alert/around when you know these large lot trades can be placed can be classed as irresponsible regardless of history, this is what has ruined many traders the lack of awareness especially using an EA. This is without saying the countless losses added on top today with the eurusd trades.

    What takes the confidence away for me, is I joined just over a month ago I believe, and made a steady profit, then within 1 day, no change that, within half a day, in 1 trade all those losses wiped out and taken far into negative, not including the numerous losses on eurusd too, the profits which took a month to accumulate. I don't mind losses, it's part of the game, but when all is wiped and left with a negative number overnight in 1 single trade taking out 50-100 profitable trades, kind of makes you think, why the hell did I bother.


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      deankenny; I'm not saying that I'm not around when these large trades are executed, These trades are monitored. Today, unfortunately it moved quickly but I closed it at -34 pips @ -1.73% of my equity. August hasn't been good but it is not a disastrous results and clearly a loss that can be recovred. This months loss is at -3.84%.

      The eurusd and usdjpy trades were exucted based on momentum breakout on short time interval and those were false signal. Those loses happens and it unfortunate that it occured when you joined my signal. Even though I'm losing I will stick to my plan. In the strategy overivew I've clearly mentioned that my programmed max drawdown is around 10-15%.


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        Originally posted by MHDtrader View Post
        if the market would gap 1K pips than a lot of fund mangers/institutions would be seriously damaged! Look at my average win and average loss for EURJPY, you will see that my average wins and loss are equal, but the win ration is in the range of 70-80%.
        I went trough custom analysis for EURJPY and for you those numbers are correct, but for us followers they are not. You are forgetting to count in slippage of min. 3 pips.

        So if we count them in the average profitable trade of 7 pips - 3 pip slippage = 4 pip average profit and average 5 pip loss + 3 pip slippage = 8 pip average loss. Now we get 4 pips of profit and 8 pip loss on average, which drops performance significantly... And if you open before rollover and we count swaps in well than we get even worse results.

        It looks like the Asian trading would be best to avoid at least for the signal followers.


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          Guys this type of strategy I think struggles in the holiday period with lack of liquidity. Look at similar signals Atlas and Safehaven. Next August i will simply disable similar signals and EA's and take the time off for brain drain holiday time.
          EURJPY slippage is nowhere near that bad for me. I am copying on Mt Cook with 2 pips slippage setting. Some trades i am even better but yes for the most part there is negative slippage but that is common for most signals and defo night scalper elements.
          I think Joseph is doing a good job. If your broker set up sucks asshole then just quit the EURJPY but the original profitable strategy should not be affected by the requirements to hold onto trades longer to get more pips or to open a at different time as then it is a very different system, correct? And that system would therefore have no track record.
          I myself may indeed delete the EURJPY as I don't entirely like the size however for the most part it happens when i am aslepp. Joseph was very unlucky that Kim Jung Un fired a missile at the exact time of trades. Simple as that. Could also of been the other way around and then we would kiss Joseph ass.....
          Regarding the EU trades i have been micromanaging these as I have decided that August really sucks for these breakouts. As a result I have no disabled signal until September (next week) as I can't micrmanage this week for NFP etc etc.
          For the most part this is still one of my favourite signals and have no complaints.


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            well said Big River Man and thanks for your comments!


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              Yes it was unfortunate event, but on that day the EJ was opened twice, first one ended in profit and second one was opened after the N. Korea fiasco and ended in loss. And we were lucky we got such small loss because the JPY could have gone even more south and hit SL, so this should have been avoided or at least closed when we were at 1 or 2% DD the first time and not waiting and closing on pullback... In that case if we would have waited for few more hours we would have been in profit... So if you trader sees that the news is damaging and trade is going the wrong way, why wait? Just pull the plug at min. damage and restart. I'm sick and tired of hold and pray trades... If it's not in your favour end it case closed.

              I also get sometime better price on EJ, but on average I get slipped, due to spread, low volatility and the results are not the same as on master so that is why I pointed out that for signal subscribers it is not profitable, we get so small return on them and I would say we probably get only a BE on those trades, which is just waste of trading unless you get paid rebates.

              The EU and US session are different, there the trades are around 55% profitable, but RR is about 1:2 so those wining trades even out loss and make profit. EU trades made a little under 30% since inception.


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                Hey guys I am just drinking a beer on the balcony and when i went for a run this morning I thought that I would do some analysis both for myself and for you guys to help.

                Only on my first beer so that stats are good!!

                So. 3 months of EURJPY trades and my results.

                The past 4 trades since Joseph moved to a different server (and a new myfxbook);

                Me: -34.4 pips (4 trades)
                MHD: -26.4 (4 trades)

                Thus I am 8 pips down there.

                So then I went to 3 months history and results as follows.

                Me: 45.8 pips (21 trades - obviously missed 2 trades as they went straight into profit on master)
                MHD: 75 pips (23 trades)


                Me : 11.4 pips (25 trades)
                MHD: 48.6 pips (27 trades)

                This means that I am only making 24% of what Joseph makes on the master account for EURJPY trades only. As a result of this analysis I am going to disable EURJPY on my copy account. Don't get me wrong 11.4 pips is still profitbale BUT after 25 trades and commissions and swap the end result is actually a loss.

                OVERALL IN THIS SIGNAL I AM DEFINITELY IN PROFIT but with the loss on the misslile launch the risk is too much for the gain as that single loss was 35.8 pips. So now I will just rely on the very good EURUSD trading from Joseph instead.

                I hope this helps.

                BRM. (now 2 beers down and have just clicked the EURJPY disable button and thrice checked it )


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                  Originally posted by MHDtrader
                  I'm here and I'm not hiding. These trades were taken because they were executed by an EA. I was not aware of N.Korea missile launch over Japan.

                  EURJPY and USDJPY are running on two different strategies and are not linked. This month is obviously not a god month for me in terms of results.

                  The reason why the EURJPY moved so much tonight was due to due the missile incident and the trade was closed at - 1.73 %. DD for the whole session was at 4 %. The ea closes the position in a losing mode and thus didn't wait for a recovery.

                  My total drowdown is still less than 10% and currently running At 5-6% in DD. Total month result is at -3%.

                  Im trying to be as transperant as possible; if you don't like the risk for the EURJPY please either reduce the risk, disable the pair or if you are not satisfied unsubscribe fron MHD.
                  I will respect your choice of action; but accusing me for not being serious is not and a fair staement.

                  I have been trading EURJPY with this methodligy since 2008; and If I remember correctly N.Korea also launched a missile over Japan at that time and my account also went down approx 3 %.

                  I will monitorn political economic situation and might inactivate the EURJPY a couple of days if needed.

                  Please to all; don't put to much emotion into one trade or one week or one month but rather judge me from a longer period.

                  My money is also at risk; and I hate to lose more than planned. This loss is according to my plan but I know you folks are new and it ok for me if you feel unconformatable.

                  The decision is your.


                  Mhd im still on the sidelines atm. But honestly. If followers are griefing you over 4% loss they really should go elsewhere

                  Good to read you hit a sl. You decided your own/follower risk. You got it wrong. You got out, beatiful

                  From a copier who has "done the rounds" or so to speak, its rare to see this.

                  Many a time ive seen a sl stated rare they follow what they said.

                  Bit personal. You mention you have your own money backing your strat. Mind if i ask how deep you invested. Happy for a perasonal message. Seems a bit personal but in reality ill be looming to follow wotb a large account so naturally im curious how much skin you have in the game

                  Good work keeping to your own set goals

                  Btw for signal you thought qbout seperating 3k away and run signal on the normal non commision account. Means your followers should aleays beat your owb price. Ole smart trader did exactly that and it worked well.

                  Many thanks for your time

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                    Originally posted by oportunis
                    If you were following the trades, you should have disabled the signal if something like that happens. Fund managers need to be aware of such events. What would happen if there would be a gap and JPY would be 1k pips down in seconds. SL don't work during that time... The exposure you have on EJ is too big and risk reward too small. You risk 10% or more to get 5 pips, sooner or later you will get hit. Why don't you rather put SL closer and if it get's hit we start fresh, but damage is small.
                    Oppertunis i follow your posts and respect your remarks. Ill say this is no way meant to bash you..

                    But if you have the answers to make this signal perfect then apply them on your account.. Aka the 5 pip winners. Cutting 1-2% dd earlier etc, What strikes me here is everything you are saying to do means this signal is now new and has no history. What says cutting the next 10 dd sesaion at 1-2% reaulta in 10x2% sl. Which is possible after all the strat has changed, who is to say if he stuck to his original 10% with diacresion he would of lost 0% the fact is neither can be proved right, all we have is his current history based on how he trades it currently. I think as followers we need to yes explore all avenues of maximising profit but to suggeat tradin on how ypu see fit does not help anyone.

                    Its funny the forum would be in flames if he broke his dd rule. Here is "finally" a trader who keeps his word and cuts losses and its almpst negaytive anyway.

                    Brm exqctly. Worst time of year roll on end of this month

                    And sorry oppertunis. Im really not meaning to bash. I like you for many years search for thisagic sigal with 0 slippage. A comminicative seller and most of all. A plab to get out of the shiz when it hits. Usually 4 timea eatlier than promised


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                    • Sorry brm i just realised ive gone back over a couple points you already made (aka change strat bo history) that will teach me to post without reading the last page content before posting

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                      • Most reversals and big correction in the markets starts with a important news event and important macroeconomic news release. As well all know, news surprises can come at any time without any warnings. Other news are far more predictable. For example, Wednesday’s FOMC meeting has the potential to surprise traders all over the world, regardless if they are institutional or commercial traders. If the Federal Reserve says something unexpected, that could lead to the start of a correction or reversal, and it might set the tone for the trading during Q4 2017.

                        Since most reversals fail, the odds are that any reversal attempt over the next few weeks will lead to a small trading range . Yet, because the weekly and monthly charts are so extremely overbought, there is an increased risk of a correction at any time.

                        I will be watching the EURUSD/UDSJPY carefully for trade entries.

                        Stay alert.


                        • GM All,

                          I was wondering if anyone has been copying the EURJPY in the last few months. I stopped in July and I'm unsure if the slippage issue has been resolved over the last few months with the holidays over and the change of broker by the provider.

                          Any feed back would be heplful.



                          • Originally posted by Gunther
                            GM All,

                            I was wondering if anyone has been copying the EURJPY in the last few months. I stopped in July and I'm unsure if the slippage issue has been resolved over the last few months with the holidays over and the change of broker by the provider.

                            Any feed back would be heplful.

                            I wrote a detailed post about my experience maybe a month ago. If it's not in this thread it's in the alternative signal thread. Have a read through that if you wish


                            • Originally posted by Big River Man View Post

                              I wrote a detailed post about my experience maybe a month ago. If it's not in this thread it's in the alternative signal thread. Have a read through that if you wish
                              Thanks got it BRM


                              • The EURUSD is approaching a very interesting price level @1.23. Let's see if the bears have sufficient power to withould the bullish momentum that we see currently. 1.25 is an important psychological price level and it might be reached within a couple of weeks.
                                I will be moniroting the development carefully, and will not hesitate to enter when I see the right context.