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Boycott Myfxbook - Simpletrader doesn't need 3rd party verification

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  • Boycott Myfxbook - Simpletrader doesn't need 3rd party verification

    If simpletrader provides analytics for the all the signals providers do we really need myfxbook?

    I purpose improving simpletrader instead.

    I would like to dedicate this topic for suggestions on how we can improve the simpletrader website and analytics.

    Is the FS team interested?

    The first improvement are intraday equity monitoring to showcase proper drawdown statistics.
    This is easy to do.
    AccountBalance() - AccountEquity() = floatingloss / AccountBalance = Drawdown_Percentage

    Since the ST.EA is always connected to the master account, SImpletrader could have the most accurate Drawdown statistics in the industry.

    The second improvement would be to show the broker's Name and Account Server. This can be easily done since all signal providers run the ST.EA which can easily grab the AccountServer() and AccountCompany().

    Thank you for having a read and sharing your comments below!

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    This makes sense however, there is zero ROI for Nick to invest in improving ST.


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      I've been paying $15 per client for over two years. There are 60+ other signal providers on Simpletrader(public) and probably more that are not public. The revenue is there to improve this site and the better the site gets the more signal providers would want to join.

      Also having a credible analytics brings in investors who are tired of being scammed on myfxbook. This can be a great community with a little bit of MORE EFFORT.