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  • RadianceXEC

    I figure I would start a thread for this SP. I will include their trading info below. Today I received a message from one of my ST friends that has been trying to contact this provider with simple questions and for some reason, they have received no replies. From what I read, they are having some issues with the stacking USD/JPY positions currently. If the SP could explain this, it would be great so I can relay this to the individual. If someone pays you for a signal, it is your job to provide answers to questions your clients/customers have. Often enough here when answers are not provided its a telling sign that the SP has no intention on running the signal with any professionalism. I dont believe they expected to be in over 400 pips DD on a single pair so please take the time and respond to your customers/clients. The guy doesn't even seem to be complaining only wants to know the logic behind it.

    Signal Description

    Recalibration (9 September 2017)
    Systems recalibrated for optimizing performance for september 2017 onwards.
    Major pairs traded, but focus on: USDJPY, EURUSD, AUDUSD, AUDCAD
    Internal Systems Inbuilt:

    This is Non-FIFO Compliant, and we may be taking hedging trades sometime.. (Updated This on 6 September 2017) US Copiers please be informed.

    Strategy Description:
    The strategy utilized various stop loss mechanics, break-even stops, hard stop loss, and equity stop loss. This is based on the trading system applied for the trade during that point of time, it is a multi-strategy system which comprises of intra-day, swings and breakout trades. It is actively monitored by the risk trader to trade within risk parameters. Trade exit is determined through price action analysis and technical data releases coupled along with support and resistance levels along with fundamental decision-making such as an upcoming NFP, FOMC or big risks events.

    Common misunderstandings:
    Please do not misunderstand if you can't see the stop loss on the account when a trade is taken, this is due to the configuration of Radiance taking trades from 1 of the 7 system. Some of the system within radiance will have an immediate stop loss, some are in stealth mode and we do not need radiance to copy stop loss. Sometimes, we choose to use stealth mode, sometimes we allow the trade to have a visible stop loss, this depends on the market liquidity and volatility as well. An Intraday trade or a breakout trade is likely to have a visible stop loss placed.

    Stop loss strategy:
    Stop loss is adjusted based on price action and may vary based on the system of the trade applied. The stop loss of an intraday trade can be as low as 25 pips, and the breakout trades can be about 50 pips. However, when swing trades are taken, stop loss can widen to as high as 300-400 pips. But when swing trades occur, the system will de-leverage itself in proper position sizing which ultimately balanced out the risk compared to an intra-day trades where stop loss can be tighter but lot size can be bigger. Break-even stop loss is always used when the trades move in favor of the system based on the trading system applied. If you are uncomfortable to see swing trades/retracement trades, then please do not copy or only use similar leverage like us. We are not responsible for swing trades that damaged your account for your own excessive use of leverage.

    Trades without visible stop loss:
    There are 3 reasons why the trades may not have a visible stop loss.
    1 - The stop loss is in stealth mode, it is adjusted based on price action coupled with support/resistance as well as taking into consideration of the liquidity and risk events at the point of time.
    2 - This is likely a swing trade/smart money management trade based on Fibonacci. Sometimes, a swing trade may not move in favor, and the position is cut at an ideal pull back price instead.
    3 - Roll over time - widening of spreads/weekend roll over.

    [For copiers who are not comfortable without a stop loss, we suggest that you manually add a stop loss at 50 pips, we rather have a stealth stop than a stop that is 1000 pips which is also known as no stop loss.]

    Why is it suitable for copying?
    Suitable for copying because we don't use irregular large lot size, and trading lot size is consistent according to account size growth. This account is meant for low-risk, low gain of an annual target of 20-30% ROI, every trades starts at 1:1 or even lower and we do not use any martingale or crazy lot size increment on this account. Our current balance on this account allows us not to over-leverage while we copy it to larger accounts through our servers.

    Warning for copiers:
    If you cannot tolerate seeing 100-300 pips, please do not follow or copy this signal. The system is able to handle draw down from past till date is because it does not trade on exotic pairs where market can go 1000-2000 pips. Next, it also do not trade on pairs that have risk events coming up such as Brexit, heavy interest rate events such as ECB's past announcement and so on where black-swan or high market volatility maybe expected. The system is technical based, and it tries to avoid fundamental events but still follows marco-economics such as interest rates, quantitative easing, inflation and so on. This system is designed to trade at 1:1 per trade, if you are using higher risk settings or leverage, it is your own risk! We will not accustom to your single requests. Importantly, there will not be any crazy lot size increment or lot size deviation.

    Lot Size deviation:
    We are opening at 1:1 per trade averagely or even lower. For example, on a $1000 account, the trading size is only 0.01, on a $10,000 account the trading size would be 0.10 lot
    Thus for instance, if we trade at 0.10 per trade, you will not see us open 1.0 or 2.0 per trade, worst to worst you will only see a multiplier of 2X at 0.20, other time it should remained constant at 0.10 or 0.11 or 0.12, and we haven't go anything up to 0.14-0.16 for very long, but as you can see this account is only $3000. Which means our per trade is 0.03 lot size, so any increment is only maximum up ot 0.06 lot which is 2X leverage per trade, but we are very likely to remain constant at 0.03 unless the circumstance we decided to do so which is unlikely for the moment.

    Do not question unnecessarily:
    We will appreciate if copiers truly understand what this system can do from past till date, you can trial it and see if it fits your risk appetite, we understands that copiers have bad experience following signal providers who were using grid, martingale and high leverage. However, even if we do not use martingale or high leverage, copiers will still mistaken that we use grid trading. If you cannot tolerate seeing 50-200 pips negative losses, then do not copy. We hope to provide a conducive environment for our team, and not challenge them unnecessarily. We will try our best to answer questions, but we do not have all the answers. Please monitor and put us to watch if you are interested in our system.

    This strategy runs very similar trading style with "MyNameIsPIG", both trading strategy runs concurrently from inception April 2016 until January 2017. Both strategies had less than 3% DD during the entire period of 2016.
    Between Feb 2017-May 2017, both strategies have different trades and exits and until June 2017, we decided to re-arrange our systems. and currently, both radiance and mynameispig are currently similar strategies but differences in risk multiplier.
    Mynameispig signal is not available on simpletrader as currently they runs similar strategies, but only using a leverage of X2 and this signal can be followed directly on FXPIG PAMM if you want to prevent any form of slippages and so on.
    However, if we do start to change the strategies within mynameispig, we may consider listing the strategy for sale again.

    Important Notice:
    Typical trading leverage used per trade: 1:1 which means on a $1000 account, the trade is 0.01 lot size and on a $10,000 account the trade is 0.10 lot size.
    We stick to a leverage of 1:1 more or less per trade.
    Pig is currently using: 1:2
    We are not responsible for your losses if you choose to use higher leverage.
    You are also free to edit the stop losses on your own account or even close trades before our exits.
    This is very suitable for copying because we don't use irregular lot sizes we do not use big lot size that is unfair for copiers to chase back the losses of previous losing trades.

    The good thing and the most wonderful thing is we don't scalp! So this will minimize slippage issues and profitability of trades.

    Note: Last updated 19 August 2017.
    Visit our website: if you want to scout for more trading strategies
    You may also wish to follow us directly on Darwinex if you already have an account there.
    or contact us on skype a081208 to learn about our MAM or PAMM program and other strategies. Or contact Cassie at
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    Was using the signal but I canceled it. Trades like everyone else, keeps adding to losers hoping that it reverses. Almost all the signals on SimpleTrader are doing the same thing. The talent is ridiculous. I'm sticking with my own trading!