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    Its finally here, actually i did not want to publish it yet since this was not a virgin account when i started to trade Impulse on it. So the history is mighty distorted and not in my favor.

    But i was asked over and over if i please could list it already. And so i did. The longest running Impulse account, see picture attached below is more accurate in reflecting the impulse trade history. The signal is run well below half risk.

    It will be removed/replaced once one of my other virgin accounts have established sufficient history to reflect the strategy in a more favorable manner.

    So below are several myfxbook links and the signal description..

    Link to signal :

    Myfxbook :

    Myfxbook Impulse longest running :

    Impulse Signal description :

    The core strategy is outbreak = Impulse, but also traded is a basket trend strategy as well as some manual trades from time to time.
    Trading of this strategy on this account started on july 8th this year and as one can see the dd to gain ratio is almost unheard of.
    Needless to say its a highly profitable signal.

    For longer history see impulse master which started may 24th this year.

    Lot sizing on the core strategy is somewhat larger then the basket and other trades.
    The key is that there is no grid or marty elements whatsover, and also most importantly all positions are closed before the weekend.

    So for one nobody will be locked into this subscription for extended dd periods ever, and also not being exposed to unexpected worldly events over the weekend is the savest way to trade.

    Max dd 30% but in reality it should be much lower, its expected to not exceed 20%

    And this being no marti or grid means the max dd level will approach very slowly if at all.

    The higher lot sizes trades have sl values placed and are usually entered during very high volatility/liquid times. Often at news releases after the fact = when markets are in the process of reacting to the event.They are entered as market orders as all other trades as well. The smaller sized basket trades do have their sl values hidden, and manual trades will vary.

    Also very important that there never will be any pending orders, as i know from being a follower myself that pending orders never copy correctly. One either gets slipped like crazy or it easily can lead to orphaned trades when the master did not get executed.

    Max open trades at any one time should be around 25 with the majority being very small lot size. Best broker is any good ECN type, and trades are placed as market orders during the week when markets are open and closed on fridays, no positions are held over the weekend.

    What also needs to be pointed out that this signal is run very diversified, meaning not just one strategy which should maximize profits and minimize potential dd periods, thats the goal.

    And please do not run this or any other signal above risk level 1 for best long term results.

    So thanks very much for your interest and lots of green pips to all

    If i forgot anything or if there are any more questions please post them and i will try to get back and answer promptly.
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    I wish you luck with your signal and will be watching for sure. Will look through the data on myfxbook this week. Congratulations on getting the signal up and running.


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      thanks much brm very much appreciated,

      it sure was a long road to get here, and also please take a peek at some of the other signals to come next year.


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        Amazing launch of signal, all people connected it should of rain'd pips today

        I had a mini heart attack when i logged in this am, nothing to do with your trades themselves, but i logged into 8 trades open at the same time (again fine 25 is upper end)

        The mini heart attack on loggin in was due to the fact, ive followed alot of signals over years now,

        logging into mt4 and seeing 8 trades from one provider, would usually mean one thing, "poo hitting the fan, lots of averaging in) in a nutshell a bad day,

        instead, 8 trades placed perfectly, all just cashed out, about 2% i think,

        Well done, again ill repeat, excellent launch, (will you beat the curse (nearly every provider nose dives out the starting gate)

        if you keep this trade quality up, ill be in the Bahamas by christmas lol

        well done you, happy client here


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          8 trades, no partials, +320 pips today


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            yes nice, we are of to a good start, we already booked 310 pips.

            and i expect more action tomorrow and the rest of the week, will keep fingers crossed that it will reward us with more green pips.

            and also a big thanks to my current subscribers for showing confidence in my signal.
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              i am pretty sure you been burned by grids or marties in the past, reason as to why you been so flustered by the high number of trades = 8.

              what i need to again emphasize is that this is not a grid or marty strategy. all my strategies are trend based every single one = the underlying principle. i never will do countertrend, grid or marty of any kind.

              and this one has higher tp values with very small lot sizing.

              we all should have learned by now the trend is your friend, this is the most rewarding approach for real long term success.

              the higher number of opened positions is simply how this strategy works, its not a grid. its strictly based on probability that the majority of positions will turn green.

              its a highly complicated manual strategy requiring lots of work every weekend.

              impulse the other component is outbreak which should strike tomorrow or a few more times this week looking at all the events scheduled for this week.

              so i hope we will end even greener for the week.
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                Originally posted by dupapa View Post
                8 trades, no partials, +320 pips today
                and there never will be partial closures.

                that be cheating to inflate pip count, i refuse to fake statistics.
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                  i have already been asked what other of my upcoming signals will compliment Impulse.

                  as it stands now i can say that trendtrader and the manual newstrading will be suitable since they will be totally non correlating.

                  but things are still evolving since my main goal was not to go live before next year.

                  so please be patient you all and enjoy the gains the current signal provides. more signals will be listed in the new year.


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                    Hi reinerh, Thanks for offering this signal. What is the leverage that we should run it 1:100 is good enough? nc!


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                      Originally posted by nc! View Post
                      Hi reinerh, Thanks for offering this signal. What is the leverage that we should run it 1:100 is good enough? nc!
                      depends on balance and what else you run, 100 might be enough...................

                      i would need more specifics.
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                        Originally posted by reinerh

                        depends on balance and what else you run, 100 might be enough...................

                        i would need more specifics.
                        What do you run it on?


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                          Originally posted by Big River Man View Post
                          What do you run it on?
                          the signal account is 400 leverage at 3176 euro balance.................................


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                            update, weekly/monthly :

                            sorry this is a little bit a long one, i promise future updates will be kept brief, since i much rather focus on trading as well as refining my systems.

                            but i feel this one turned out to become a must read to anybody who wants to be profitable in the long term, so please share this forum link with anybody you care about.

                            what a month/week it was, green and more green $$$ my subscribers fee for this month should already be paid for, a few times over actually and every single account of mine is sitting at new equity highs.

                            so i also did start even more virgin accounts recently, to have a clean start vs the current published signal.

                            but also the underlying idea is that some people strive for more gains and are accepting the associated higher dd levels, vs others the high net worth individuals for example who look for lower gains but with the least amount of underlying risk. so the goal here is to have a signal for everybody.

                            one other target worth mentioning for all of my accounts is that i aim for the least amount of dd since drawdown is the hardest to stomach for anybody, including myself.

                            also at one point i sure hope that one of my accounts will be worthy of being picked up by a large institution. but of course this is still way out in the future.

                            its also my goal to become number 1 on the leaderboard on simpletrader someday.

                            one might think i am full of myself, thats fine i accept that.

                            its still my goal none or less, and with lots of hard work and determination i hope to get there eventually.

                            so now finally to the news,

                            we all have seen the markets have woken up finally and here are some highlights for each account individually.

                            impulse the signal first :

                            after a slow start for the month of october actually going in about 8% dd it recovered ending with .34 % gains for the month.
                            then this first november week was quite nice with a gain of 356 pips and 3.84 % account growth.

                            to all my current subscribers only having seen gains this week please dont get carried away, we will have losses as well at some point and one must see this long term, like evaluating results every 3 months or even higher 6 months to a year.
                            also do not run this above risk 1 under any circumstances. i much rather prefer you be making profits with me long term vs blowing your wad and getting upset as to what happened.


                            that one should be interesting to watch. it uses very few small entries but goes for high pip targets while having quite tight sl values, monthly results 7% 477 pips


                            reached 100% gain and 2040 pips already in a little more then a month, with an extreme low dd showing at 2.35 %. this account and pipmonsters only purpose is showcasing what my manual system is capable of.

                            the fixed 10% monthly,

                            reached its target on the last day kinda with 993 pips total for the month, but it almost missed the mark.
                            hope to get that one dialed in better. its purpose/target is fixed 10% monthly with absolutely the least amount of dd possible, current dd shown a measly .34%

                            furthermore there is still a personal challenge of mine going on with reaching 1000% gains on the institutional account in the shortest amount of time.
                            regards that account i have been accused of having fallen of my rocker, as in i must be crazy and or a total loon. that in turn fired me up even more to reach the stated target as fast as possible. so please enjoy the ride with me.


                            far away from prime time. i have been trading this style quite successfully for some time, but just recently added several slaves to copy. and the biggest issue i been running in is my master rakes it in and my slaves give it all back due to getting slipped up to 40 pips, slaves are all loosing.

                            i trade this manually strictly around newsreleases with tight sl following pa, the style is ala thales if anyone remembers him. so this one i will need to put in much more effort so it copies well.


                            started into a dd period but slowly showing gains its green now, up by 292 pips.

                            impulse FIFO low gain, that one has been renamed, FIFO is gone

                            slow and steady gains, minimal dd.

                            that one will no longer be FIFO, since i received no or almost no requests for a FIFO traded signal, so i have given up. please note that my current signal is also not strictly FIFO traded, it actually might still work as in qualifying but i am not 100% sure.

                            impulse master,

                            that account is run with a much higher risk setting then the impulse signal, more pairs higher lot sizing, quite high risk.
                            it made 15% with a dd of 12 % for the month of october. its total gains will have approached 1000% very soon and that in just 5 months of trading, its simply remarkable.
                            its highest dd to date = currently shown as only 23%

                            also a very interesting observation i made recently while looking at my competition is that most all signals which show decent monthly average gains of about 3 to 6% achieve that with quite large running drawdown values.

                            so anybody looking for a really good signal to find must already know its a minefield out there, so below a few tipps as to what to look for.

                            so looking at the best manual scalper there ever was, i am sure we all know who that is, his master to date averaged 1.64% monthly gains, so that upscaled to show a meager 5% monthly gain, that would have yielded a whopping 40% account draw down.

                            so we have the impulse master at 56% monthly gains with 23% dd vs monthly gains of 1.64 % with 13.26% dd a month. so it should be crystal clear how much more profitable impulse is

                            or differently put, try finding a system where monthly gains exceed the monthly dd values, good luck finding that.

                            so for any prospect clients its utmost important to analyse with care and wisdom, by looking at the longer timeframe overall total gain to dd ratio. this in my book is the most telling number for profit potential for any signal or strategy period.
                            this is simply done by looking at the abs gain and not the gain, very important, then compared to max dd which equals the monthly gain showing 56% a month in gains on the impulse master account. see myfxbook under stats left side.

                            the most or shall we say worst systems i seen over the years have run in like 80% or more dd and produced as little as 2 % monthly gains.

                            to put this in perspective, a 100k account would have shown at one point as little as 20k equity, just to produce 2% monthly overall gains which is lunatic to even consider such a poor performing system.

                            also make sure to stay away from grids and martingales of any kind, but we all should have learned that by now. every strategy i work on its underlying principle is trend based.

                            and if you run across a web page showing scandilly clad nearly undressed babes, as well as ferraris all over, click the x in the upper right corner fast and never look back. since i can assure you, that you wont be the one making any money

                            the my fixed 10% gain a month account should hopefully someday set a new benchmark for gains achieved vs max dd encountered along the way. currently 10.3 % gained to .34 % dd

                            so in conclusion,

                            i have to say that the interest in my signal has simply overwelmed me,
                            and i want to thank all of my current subscribers as well as any future clients for the trust that has been placed in my strategies.

                            i will keep working very hard to achieve my personal goals stated above, all the while making you all profits along the way as well

                            my other goal is to build long term relationships with my clients way out into the future, and yes i promise, future updates will be kept brief.


                            and as always green pips to everybody my competition included.


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                              Thanks for the in-depth update, and congrats on an incredible week of profitable trading. I'm definitely keeping a close eye on your accounts from here on out!