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  • Originally posted by reinerh View Post


    calmar never heard, my formula is easy to understand, never needed to look at anything else.


    master can be crossed over to the fully verified one from the day it was copied. all tradehistory can be seen in your trade panel and evaluated on signal account. you can see at trade sizing that its not marty grid or anything. the curves should match pretty close but certainly not be identical due to minor variations in strategies run and a much reduced risk on the signal.

    thats why it will be simplyfied next year, i am not going through this again since i simply cant tell you guys exactly how its run, its a hybrid.

    for anybody being skeptical, please run it on a demo for a week or 2 before taking it live.

    also its come to my attention that the risk factor is not adjusted correctly with simpletrader, my account is euro, so please calculate it out to whatever your base currency is...................

    FXStat is like MyFXBook and you can easily link your MT4 account to it and get a great bunch of stats from your trading, including the Calmar Ratio.

    At the bottom of my FXStats page for my system you can see the Calmar Ratio in the middle column.
    Hope to keep up with you amidst busy trading life and a fund that is starting to attract quite a good amount of healthy attention. 43 clients now.


    • update for the week,

      markets outa whack big time, lost 191 pips or 1.34 %

      its no big deal since thats easily recovered at least.

      most all systems i am watching going into dd, thats always a sign something is not right. at least our loss was very minor.

      now we have to look forward to a biggggggggggggggggg week, major news events. fasten your seat belts.


      • Hi reinerh,
        My signal will come to an end on the 9th Dec and without anyway to extend. Will you be planning to offer the signal on the market place before next week?


        • a little update............

          i am still alive and kickin and traden away. but its been a slow start so far this year, meaning no gains to report only small losses.

          for my manual strategy the market simply is not quite back into the swing of things. but i am extremely optimistic going forward and will even be adding new accounts shortly with new strategies.

          this year is far from over, and looking back at last year most all my personal and investor accounts gained on average close to about 80% ROI for the year with very small dd encountered along the way.

          and thats nothing to sneeze at.

          as many of you guys know i do make my living from trading, and sure hope to offer my services again at a later time here on simpletrader so we can make profits together.

          for now it will be pamms only, but later in the year i might do a signal again which by that time will have plenty of history accumulated.

          below attachement is just one of my handled accounts.

          so hope you all make plenty of green pips, and stay tuned for further news down the road. Slave account.JPG .