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  • dupapa
    Amazing launch of signal, all people connected it should of rain'd pips today

    I had a mini heart attack when i logged in this am, nothing to do with your trades themselves, but i logged into 8 trades open at the same time (again fine 25 is upper end)

    The mini heart attack on loggin in was due to the fact, ive followed alot of signals over years now,

    logging into mt4 and seeing 8 trades from one provider, would usually mean one thing, "poo hitting the fan, lots of averaging in) in a nutshell a bad day,

    instead, 8 trades placed perfectly, all just cashed out, about 2% i think,

    Well done, again ill repeat, excellent launch, (will you beat the curse (nearly every provider nose dives out the starting gate)

    if you keep this trade quality up, ill be in the Bahamas by christmas lol

    well done you, happy client here

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  • reinerh
    thanks much brm very much appreciated,

    it sure was a long road to get here, and also please take a peek at some of the other signals to come next year.

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  • Big River Man
    I wish you luck with your signal and will be watching for sure. Will look through the data on myfxbook this week. Congratulations on getting the signal up and running.

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  • reinerh
    started a topic Impulse Signal

    Impulse Signal

    Its finally here, actually i did not want to publish it yet since this was not a virgin account when i started to trade Impulse on it. So the history is mighty distorted and not in my favor.

    But i was asked over and over if i please could list it already. And so i did. The longest running Impulse account, see picture attached below is more accurate in reflecting the impulse trade history. The signal is run well below half risk.

    It will be removed/replaced once one of my other virgin accounts have established sufficient history to reflect the strategy in a more favorable manner.

    So below are several myfxbook links and the signal description..

    Link to signal :

    Myfxbook :

    Myfxbook Impulse longest running :

    Impulse Signal description :

    The core strategy is outbreak = Impulse, but also traded is a basket trend strategy as well as some manual trades from time to time.
    Trading of this strategy on this account started on july 8th this year and as one can see the dd to gain ratio is almost unheard of.
    Needless to say its a highly profitable signal.

    For longer history see impulse master which started may 24th this year.

    Lot sizing on the core strategy is somewhat larger then the basket and other trades.
    The key is that there is no grid or marty elements whatsover, and also most importantly all positions are closed before the weekend.

    So for one nobody will be locked into this subscription for extended dd periods ever, and also not being exposed to unexpected worldly events over the weekend is the savest way to trade.

    Max dd 30% but in reality it should be much lower, its expected to not exceed 20%

    And this being no marti or grid means the max dd level will approach very slowly if at all.

    The higher lot sizes trades have sl values placed and are usually entered during very high volatility/liquid times. Often at news releases after the fact = when markets are in the process of reacting to the event.They are entered as market orders as all other trades as well. The smaller sized basket trades do have their sl values hidden, and manual trades will vary.

    Also very important that there never will be any pending orders, as i know from being a follower myself that pending orders never copy correctly. One either gets slipped like crazy or it easily can lead to orphaned trades when the master did not get executed.

    Max open trades at any one time should be around 25 with the majority being very small lot size. Best broker is any good ECN type, and trades are placed as market orders during the week when markets are open and closed on fridays, no positions are held over the weekend.

    What also needs to be pointed out that this signal is run very diversified, meaning not just one strategy which should maximize profits and minimize potential dd periods, thats the goal.

    And please do not run this or any other signal above risk level 1 for best long term results.

    So thanks very much for your interest and lots of green pips to all

    If i forgot anything or if there are any more questions please post them and i will try to get back and answer promptly.
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