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    Originally posted by fiveninefish View Post
    Thanks for the in-depth update, and congrats on an incredible week of profitable trading. I'm definitely keeping a close eye on your accounts from here on out!
    yes please do and take your time, no rush.

    please learn the art of analyzing as outlined above as much you can in the meantime, this will be the best time you ever spend in order to be profitable in the long term, then decide,
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      just entered the top trader contest.

      will be utilizing my manual strategy as rules state.

      hope to beat pistol pete, we shall see at the end of the month, he has a slight head start of course but i still think i can do it.

      account below, hope to get approved to get going next week.


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        to all my subscribers, very important.

        on the signal account there is no cut off whatsoever = regards 30% dd stated

        also the balance currently sits at euro 3171 and most likely i will keep it around that so it copies correctly to smaller accounts.

        but please set dd or whatever limits on your side, meaning whatever max dd stops is acceptable to you. in your dashboard you have many many options to set limits, please use them.

        and if anything is not clear as to how to set them, ask simpletrader support, they are top notch in helping you out.

        as far as going into dd, this is not a grid or martingale system, where it can go kaboom in a matter of hours.

        so take it slow and follow along to build confidence how impulse trades on a lower risk setting before going to max risk 1, and do not run above risk 1.

        also please read my monthly update posted above post number 14, its simply a must read.
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          Good job so far. I will definitely subscribe if you can keep that low and risk high perfomance...


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            Originally posted by georgTT View Post
            Good job so far. I will definitely subscribe if you can keep that low and risk high perfomance...

            george, take your time, no rush whatsoever.

            i know from experience myself that a certain amount of trust needs to established, and that can only be done over time.

            and after all i just gone live last week........................

            also over the years there were way too many flash in the pan providers ruining it for the decent ones, like dayfox being a prime example.

            but nowadays you are lucky there are decent ones out there, fx viper, sfe, thales, titan, lucky pound, just to name a few, but impulse is clearly above them already.


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              i think the time has come to let you all know little bit where i am coming from, since for a lot of folks i am just the new kid on the block :

              but i am sure some old timers on here remember me from another forum, and can vouch for me.

              over there i have helped countless newcomers over the years trying to avoid the pitfalls of the fx minefield, as well as exposing many scam artists who got busted, like miami bill and or ody for example.
              also always pressing for verified accounts along the way as well for example. but as some of you already might know even those have proven to be fakable, yes myfxbook can be fooled in a big way maybe more to come on that in a future article.

              whats also very common is hiding the real running dd with delayed publishing intervals, rest assured that all my accounts update in 5 min intervals.

              quite often the way its done is that once opened trades go into dd, then magically for some unknown flaw in the software it wont update anymore, you get my drift i am sure

              so i have been trading fx for well over 10 years, before that i did daytrading stocks bonds for about 8 years, stocks on the level 2 platform seeing the actual order flow volume in real time, what similarly still can be seen in futures. with fx one cant do that since its decentralized otc.

              so after stocks and bonds i shifted to fx mainly due to the much higher profit potential but there were major ups and downs along the way. it goes as far back as fx viper jeff still trading with commercial ea. that was my start as well with i think fap turbo being my first ea, gee that must have really been a long time ago.

              and simpletrader, nick was not even around back then, yes it goes that far back

              those were also the days were sheister brokers were abound. like fxdd for example. i remember very well having a large position open and slowly going towards the posted sl level. the market turned and it went to tp. but not for me. their mt4 plug in was dialed in rather well to strike me, and take me out. meaning on my platform magically the price showed going closer and closer to my sl value till it hit, when in the real market the price did not even get close to my sl value, lol. bastards.....................

              so all in all is was a very very steep learning curve to get where i am today.

              also worth mentioning is that the mt4 plug in days are mostly over, with most large ecn brokers running their mt4 honestly. none or less one has still to be vigilant. today even trade receipts can be asked for and will be shown to you as long as you trade with a top notch broker, meaning it shows which bank/liquidity provider actually took your order.

              another example for a red flag is, any time a broker has bonus offerings, or other strange additional enticements run, big red flag. just look for a good reputable ecn with good regulation and customer support thats all.

              so back to my manual strategy.

              over the years i seen with my own eyes how the order flow works, except in fx one can not see it in real time/volume and sizing since the fx market is different. but from watching it every day in and day out i slowly developed several ideas and i been fascinated ever since trying to come up with a way to find a way to manually trade that. so about 6 years ago i started to develop my manual strategy.

              but it still took all those 6 long years to get there = where i am today. had many many failures along the way, countless small accounts blown, albeit me being profitable with various commercial ea and signals in the meantime. except dayfox, he did me in good, its still hurting to this day.

              it has since morphed into an ever getting more complicated strategy which takes me many many hours every weekend to analyse in addition to establish trade plan for the following week. simultaneously i have well over 10 vps running at about 5 platforms each or more each of which supply me with boatloads of data to analyse every weekend. ever since it works to bring in green pips i keep coming up with even more new ideas every week or so it seems. i have simply gotten obsessed to scrape every little green pip out of the market, its all fun, but boatloads of work.

              whats also interesting over the years i have seen many strategies fail for various reasons, mdp was the most interesting one. first the liquidity providers hunted sl positions with sharp reversal spikes mostly on eu.

              that led to mdp being born and taking advantage of those moves. then as mdp was traded more and eventually it became extremely popular, so it backfired big time on the large banks.

              gee i remember when i was making like 20k every week like clockwork, and that for quite a long time, i thought i was hallucinating at that time.

              but eventually the liquidity providers struck back with a vengeance. since they were easily able to counter the particular algo traded after they locked on to it. subsequently people lost a lot and the strategy eventually died completely. and thats the faith of most ea or any strategy.

              so the key is when to stop a particular strategy, which i managed rather well with mdp, yes i gave some back but at that time my analyzing skills were already far enough along to pull the plug in time.
              i already have written an article on that subject, why do ea fail, which i will post at a later time, i am sure some people might find that interesting.

              and my impulse is not excluded btw, it too can fail at some point and even my manual one possibly. but i already currently have measures built in so it hopefully wont get targeted.
              also please do know that i be watching all along the way in case it gets invalidated. so my subscribers can stay at ease and not worry. i will have the gutts to call that out when the day comes and call it quits, if it cant be adjusted.

              my manual is a somewhat different animal, first its infinite adjustable as long the certain order flow pattern keeps staying that way. which it has for the last 10 years.

              but none or less i want to preserve its effectiveness for the long haul. i am sure you all can understand, since my hard work has yet to pay of.

              its just been very recently that the puzzle finally fell into place = actually around june of this year it dawned on me how to overcome the last obstacle.

              so it yet will take a lot of time to truly make it pay for me for all the years i have invested in it.

              its been running live since about june with various risk profiles on my personal accounts, and i keep improving it all along the way as more and more data gets crunched. so now i am planning to build up a nice history going forward and this is now being done in real time, meaning potential future clients/investors can now watch the progress of my various listed accounts anytime they so wish. and all accounts are run with slightly different risks.

              so this got a bit long too, but it had to be done to let you all know a little about me.

              so happy trading and success to all.


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                Hey impulse, is there a link to see the leader board on the trader contest?
                I could find the sticky but not sure where to check results


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                  Originally posted by phynicle View Post
                  Hey impulse, is there a link to see the leader board on the trader contest?
                  I could find the sticky but not sure where to check results
                  sure here it goes........... its in the trade room, see top header.

                  once in the trade room, go all the way to the left, then you see all the options

                  i am sure all fired up to get going, my account is ready to rock and roll but i am not approved yet.

                  but what i cant figure out yet is how the ranking works, see below. first place made almost nada zilch profits, he only gained .2 % and won, that has me slightly confused. i been reading though the rules all what i could find but cant figure that one out so far.

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                    in picture below, cj should clearly be at the top. vs first spot, cj has lower volatility showing, much better gains, why is he not at the top.

                    i must be missing something.
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                      Ahh it's all relative to the draw Downs from the looks of it. His got way high by proportion i think


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                        Originally posted by phynicle View Post
                        Ahh it's all relative to the draw Downs from the looks of it. His got way high by proportion i think
                        the image is clearly showing cj gained 27% with dd 5%, thats a ratio of 5 times gains to dd, my systems simply cant beat that. so this is just odd as heck to me, something is not right or he should clearly be 1st spot.

                        look at cjs account on myfxbook, its a totally different story, while he is very profitable which i respect very much its showing substantially higher dd values have been reached to achieve his gains.

                        the ratio is simply the opposite.

                        as you can see my systems beat most all in terms of monthly gains to dd values, throughout my entire trading career i tried to aim for the lowest dd possible to achieve max gains, so i am simply stumped and cant make any sense.

                        i will wait for an explanation/clarification from support and in the meantime concentrate on churning out green pips............

                        see pic below is my longest running manual result = early june to now, pay close attention to the low trade count and trade duration, if you are good with analysing you should know what that means

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                          Originally posted by reinerh View Post
                          Its finally here, actually i did not want to publish it yet since this was not a virgin account when i started to trade Impulse on it. So the history is mighty distorted and not in my favor.

                          But i was asked over and over if i please could list it already. And so i did. The longest running Impulse account, see picture attached below is more accurate in reflecting the impulse trade history. The signal is run well below half risk.

                          It will be removed/replaced once one of my other virgin accounts have established sufficient history to reflect the strategy in a more favorable manner.

                          So below are several myfxbook links and the signal description..

                          Link to signal :

                          Myfxbook :

                          Myfxbook Impulse longest running :

                          Impulse Signal description :

                          The core strategy is outbreak = Impulse, but also traded is a basket trend strategy as well as some manual trades from time to time.
                          Trading of this strategy on this account started on july 8th this year and as one can see the dd to gain ratio is almost unheard of.
                          Needless to say its a highly profitable signal.

                          For longer history see impulse master which started may 24th this year.


                          Lot sizing on the core strategy is somewhat larger then the basket and other trades.
                          The key is that there is no grid or marty elements whatsover, and also most importantly all positions are closed before the weekend.

                          So for one nobody will be locked into this subscription for extended dd periods ever, and also not being exposed to unexpected worldly events over the weekend is the savest way to trade.

                          Max dd 30% but in reality it should be much lower, its expected to not exceed 20%

                          And this being no marti or grid means the max dd level will approach very slowly if at all.

                          The higher lot sizes trades have sl values placed and are usually entered during very high volatility/liquid times. Often at news releases after the fact = when markets are in the process of reacting to the event.They are entered as market orders as all other trades as well. The smaller sized basket trades do have their sl values hidden, and manual trades will vary.

                          Also very important that there never will be any pending orders, as i know from being a follower myself that pending orders never copy correctly. One either gets slipped like crazy or it easily can lead to orphaned trades when the master did not get executed.

                          Max open trades at any one time should be around 25 with the majority being very small lot size. Best broker is any good ECN type, and trades are placed as market orders during the week when markets are open and closed on fridays, no positions are held over the weekend.

                          What also needs to be pointed out that this signal is run very diversified, meaning not just one strategy which should maximize profits and minimize potential dd periods, thats the goal.

                          And please do not run this or any other signal above risk level 1 for best long term results.

                          So thanks very much for your interest and lots of green pips to all

                          If i forgot anything or if there are any more questions please post them and i will try to get back and answer promptly.

                          Your accounts are totally different. The longest running account has 5xx trades from 18th july and the linked account on simpletrader has only 307 trades from 18th july. So there are different trades and risk taken. What is the different in your accounts? How far is the risk ratio of the longer running system?

                          You writte about 25 open trades. How many trades are open per pair? So do you scale in loosing trades or do you have 25 differents trades in 25 different pairs?
                          What is the max risk per trade and SL?

                          Why are all of your accounts in myfxbook Other(MT4), so you dont use the auto updater of mt4, this looks very unserious. You should reattach your accounts with the autoupdater and verify them.



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                            Originally posted by reinerh View Post

                            but what i cant figure out yet is how the ranking works, see below. first place made almost nada zilch profits, he only gained .2 % and won, that has me slightly confused. i been reading though the rules all what i could find but cant figure that one out so far.


                            listen man, you started this so i might as well say it now.

                            norbert is a force to be reckoned with.

                            in one year of trading he's down one buck and probably 30 cents, depending on the exchange rate for gbp/usd.

                            now, if that's not solid performance, I dont know what is.

                            I like your trading btw.


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                              Hey Reinerh,
                              I have just noticed the Master Account is not connected to Simple Trader ATM. Is this your usual practice over a weekend?


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                                Originally posted by petermatt View Post
                                Hey Reinerh,
                                I have just noticed the Master Account is not connected to Simple Trader ATM. Is this your usual practice over a weekend?
                                hi pete,

                                thanks for being vigilant and letting me know.

                                i did get the alert myself yesterday but simply ignored it so far since over the weekend the mt4 servers are sometimes being reset,

                                and so far the market was still closed.

                                so i checked just now and all good.

                                during market hours i have the alerts coming to my cell, and when i sleep my cell is under the pillow just to make sure i dont miss any alarms.

                                please read above post number 18, utmost important, i will add this in the signal description momentarily as well.

                                so lets hope we have a nice trading week,

                                and thx for being a client of mine