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    Hi Guys,

    Happy New Year!

    Following the success I have had with my Personal account (, people have asked me to offer my manual trades as a signal, which are mainly hand-picked / refined trades based on trades made by SFE Price Action / SFE Night Scalper / SteadyCapture. I've made over $68K from my manual trades over the last 18 months and I have decided to open a new account dedicated to manual trading for those who are interested. You can see my the stats of manual trades on my Personal account here:

    This will be a high risk account and I plan to start trading 0.1 lot on a $2000 account. It is still highly experimental so please only trade with money you can afford lose. Each trade will have a hard SL and a full loss will cost between 1-5% of the account, depending on the confidence level on the trade.

    I will try to identify and hand-pick some trades made by SFE PA / SFE NS / SC that I believe have high chance of success. I will also try to get better entry prices by waiting for their trades to be in slight drawdown. I will aim to achieve a risk/reward ratio of at least 1:1 for each trade.

    There will be a free trial period for 2 weeks for people to try it out, and then it will cost $30 per month ($15 is for the cost of SimpleTrader platform and the rest is just to give me some margin for other possible costs). I am not doing this for the money and it is really just to let people who are interested in my manual trades to give it a try.

    There may not be many trades per week. If you want to get all the trades from SFE PA and SFE NS please subscribe to the signals here:

    SFE Price Action -
    SFE Night Scalper -

    Your can also get subscription to SteadyCapture if you join the VIP club by trading more than $20,000 under their IB.

    Let's hope 2018 will be a great year for Forex trading!


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        Ok all trades closed for now. 1.35 seem to be a bit hard for GU to drop through at the moment.

        Up 5% after 2 days of trading. Not a bad start.


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          Don't touch/edit the initial first post! lol


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            Originally posted by minkw View Post

            Don't touch/edit the initial first post! lol


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              haha, if you edit it the whole thread is gone, then you need to harass the support team to approve the whole thread again, lol


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                  Hi Jimmy are you leaving trades open on this account over the weekend?


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                    No I will try to close all the trades before the weekend so everyone will be happy

                    I think there should be another leg lower for EURCAD so I am just waiting for a bit more profit before I start closing some of the trades.
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                          Good job Jimmy!


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                            Originally posted by phynicle View Post
                            Good job Jimmy!

                            So it did turn out that I made the right decision by closing the trades early...I am usually against too much intervention on EA's trades myself, but so far it seems my intuitions have served me well this week on most trades.

                            On my Autolot High Risk Signal account, SFE PA ended up at about break-even after all the actions on NFP day, and on my Personal account there are SFE PA trades that will be carried over to next week. I still believe there will be more actions to come when the big players return later this month so I am just going to keep going at 200% Autolot High Risk with SFE PA on my Personal account.

                            So we finished the first week with 8.57% gain from my manual trades, with one NU trade left open over the weekend. The NU trade still looks promising to me - the resistance level above was quite strong, and pushed NU back down to our opening price in the hour just before the market closed. I hope you guys enjoyed the profits this week and let's see how the NU trade plays out next week.

                            Wish you guys all a great weekend!
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                              Hi Guys,

                              A fellow member asked me a few questions through PM and I think it would be good to share them here, in case any of you have similar questions:

                              Each trade will risk 1-5% of the account. I would say the success rate for each trade would be about 60% in the long term, but it is always possible that we could have a string of losses before we eventually recover. I would say the DD I am expecting in worst case scenario would be about 50%...but anything is possible with Forex so please do only trade with money you can afford to lose.

                              I don't hold trades without SL. Once they hit the pre-defined SL that I had set when the trade was opened, I will just accept the loss and move on.

                              As I mentioned in the description, this signal is still quite experimental. I have not been trading manually very often and only had less than 200 trades in the last 18 months on my Personal account (, so the sample size is too small to give any significant statistical value. I do however believe with the right risk management I should be able to make my manual trades profitable in the long term, but only time will tell...

                              3) Hard question I know but since you started this how many losing months have you had over 18 months.

                              If you filter out my manual trades by using the custom magic number analysis on Myfxbook for my Personal account (, you should be able to see the stats on my manual trades (it may say "negative balance reached", but just enter a custom deposit eg. $50,000 and it should work). However I would emphasise again that the sample size is too small to be statistically significant.

                              4) Would you say this is signal is the best setup in relation to getting the EA's on their own?

                              The manual trades are based on the EAs and Signal from SFE Price Action, SFE Night Scalper and SteadyCapture, and I just try to copy the ones that I feel are more likely to be profitable, and try to get better entry price and risk/reward ratio whenever I can. If you also run those signals on your account then there is a risk that you could double expose your account when there is a drawdown period.

                              5) Anything you like to add?