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  • New Clifford Bennet-linked Signal

    Hey guys can anyone in the community verify this account and know if it is actually this guy?

    Interview: Carson Scott interviews Clifford Bennett from Orb Global Investments on the RBA rate announcement.

    Reckon they are the same guy from 6 years earlier? My eyes suck. My friend says it's him but I can't be sure.

    There is a PDF file too the whole website looks pretty schmick (which is good), however, it's good to be cautious so if anyone has any better investigative skills or knows him or if Nick etc etc can verify the account or email address linked to it it would be good. As i would hate for it to be a scam or someone pretending to be Clifford.

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    Seems pretty legit, however one one red flag,

    With being a seller/signal provider on mql you need to send in valid ID, such as passport, and also you need to take a photo of yourself in front of your screen, logged into your mql account with both your face and your account in the same photo,

    The seller of the signal on mql is not Clifford Bennett but someone who is Harold Upton, I cannot seem to find who this Harold Upton guy is, perhaps its a friend of Clifford that registered the mql signal for him, but I dont understand why Clifford Himself would not do it, maybe someone can find out who Harold Upton is?


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      mql link here


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        lol I think i might need to change career and become an investigator!

        Award-Winning Forex Education & Coaching for: Discover the secrets of Currency trading with our FREE AI Event! Our expert team will guide you with proven strategies and software, whether you're a new or experienced trader. Sign up now to take your trading skills to the next level!

        So somehow Harold Upton I guess knows Clifford and is also associated with that learn to trade company in north sydney,

        Also he seems to have aged quite a lot over 6 years, basically comparing his your tube videos and the current website, probably due to the stress of trading.

        Jeez, I hope he is not reading this, im sure hes still young at heart


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          Hi, ok well ive pretty much hijacked this thread!

          ive reached out to a few people and can confirm yes the signal and site is legitimate, a legend has returned!

          apologies Clifford if your reading this, ie previous post, beauty is in the heart!


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            It would be good if provider joins the forum. Can some subs let him know. The description is also lacking, we don't know the max. DD, what is the min. balance required, what brokers because they don't trade only Forex pairs, but also gold, oil, indices etc.


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              Yah I'm sure they will start their own thread. Nice investigating minkw. haha


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                Haha thanks,

                guys if you need an online investigator I'm available for hire! $200 per hour!


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                  I send an email if he will make available his signal here also? List of pairs and instruments he trades it is not only fx. If I have any news will post. nc!
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                    Clifford Bennett was one of the really accurate economist back 10 years ago in Australia, he also ran a private equity hedge fund,

                    It seems he making a come back now, $200 a month is massive, even in the FXViper hey days, he was charging $150 per month, yes hes made that great return in one month, and he trades literally everything, so it would be a bit of a nightmare if your broker didn't support one of the symbols,

                    I think hes just after the big money as to pay $200 a month and then to have to cover the cost of a vps and then need to actually make profit people will need generally big balances, however with a 100% gain in one month, it covers everything,

                    think he thinks he can charge that much as he does have a good insight into the macro economics of markets, and also does have a very good reputation,

                    The main issue I find strange is that he would be better starting a MAM or PAMM, as this then would allow smaller investors to invest with him,

                    Lets see how he goes in the next few months,


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                      Seems he dropped off for a while now and just made his return. Anyone know why the hiatus in between?


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                        minkw Indeed a MAM would be much better solution for smaller investors. Do you know how his hedge fund performed? And most important thing why they stopped it or is it still trading?
                        It's strange if someone manages millions to suddenly start offering signals. If I were such trader I would be private and keep trading my own funds, without any stress of social trading and responsibility to outsiders...


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                          Originally posted by oportunis View Post
                          minkw Indeed a MAM would be much better solution for smaller investors. Do you know how his hedge fund performed? And most important thing why they stopped it or is it still trading?
                          It's strange if someone manages millions to suddenly start offering signals. If I were such trader I would be private and keep trading my own funds, without any stress of social trading and responsibility to outsiders...
                          People have different motivators. May find pleasure in offering services to the less fortunate. Or could just be looking for a simple stable income for doing essentially nothing extra. Maybe doesn't even need the money and it's going to charity. Who knows. Still 200USD x say 20 subs x 12 months is an extra $60k AUD a year. It's not pocket change for soemthing stable and little to no extra involvement.

                          Anyways we all know that a 100% return or so in a month isnt sustainable. So for me this is purely a watch and see. Treat that equity line like a trend line...wait for the pullback.....OR just completely miss another 100% month in February haha

                          Anyways sounds good people are emailing and investigating. Maybe Nick has some insight as a hedge fund guy from the same city maybe Nick enticed him on here but then again I am sure Nick would of already said something if that was the case.


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                            Hi, I am Harold Upton - I have just joined this site - apologies for intruding but I wanted to answer some of your questions.

                            I can confirm, and you are welcome to confirm for yourself, that Clifford and I work together. I am the signals manager for Clifford Bennett Signals - I manage (and place) the trades on our MT4 accounts. If you go to the Clifford Bennett web site you will see a contact up page and a subscribe to our newsletter page - you can use these to verify the information yourself.

                            Our MT4 account history is now 7 months old and we are up about 160%. We recommend an account balance of about $20,000. Clifford has been running the signal service (as a report) for over 10 years and has had a consistently sound return.

                            As this thread confirms Clifford has an outstanding reputation and record. It was for this reason that our marketing team (who put the schmick website) advised us to charge a premium for our signal. Clients are getting one of the best international professional hedge fund mangers providing the signals for only USD$200 a month. There are a number of FX brokers that will pay for VPS if your trade level is sufficient (only require about $10,000 to meet that level).

                            I am the seller on MQL5 but the MT4 account are owned by our trading company Accelerated Trend Pty Ltd. The photo is of Clifford Bennett because it is his signals we are trading. Our SimpleTrader account is in the company name as our the signals.

                            The MQL5 account is in my screen name PyroHarold for historic reasons and we now cant easily change that without loosing our signal history (the broker does not maintain it on the MT4 platform) I am also a pyrotechnician - - the business was started in 1992 - hence the pyroharold name.

                            I started my FX training with Learn to Trade in Sydney.

                            Yes - Clifford is very young a heart and YES a legend has returned!

                            We trade Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Aus-SP200, Gold, Oil, EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD.

                            Each trade is equal to the account value (so very low margin) with a stop loss (determined by Clifford) generally between 0.25% and 2% but up to 3% for oil and gold.

                            We use two brokers for our signals FXCM & Halifax. Using SimpleTrader we are able to accurately allow most broker platforms to copy our signals. If you provide me with your broker I can analyse their platform and report back as to which signal and what settings to use. Some of our client subscribe to two of our signals (we offer one for free for this purpose) and set different pairs an different rick multipliers for each signal to enable them to match our broker's lot size.

                            Please feel free to email me at if you have any additional questions.

                            Harold Upton


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                              Hi Harold,

                              Thanks for posting here and making everything clear.

                              Rule of thumb is that any signal on simpletrader mostly gets discussed here, as this site/forum and simpletrader are owned by the same people,

                              While simpletrader does have somewhat of dashboard for people to post, it rarely gets much attention, Nick really should somehow integrate simpletrader and this forum, as also being a provider I need to post everything twice,

                              Please send my apologies to Clifford in relation to my previous remarks about him ageing!!

                              Also you may want to consider offering a PAMM or MAM,

                              Generally a PAMM is better as people can literally invest with any amount, literally like $10 or $100k, as the investors funds get pooled and are traded as a whole, however on the flip side people here tend to like the MAM option as then people can actually login to their mt4 accounts and see the individual traded, but the downside to this is that generally a higher amount of funds are required,

                              Kind Regards,

                              Satang FX / minkw