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  • Outside the Box -- Signal and Mt Cook PAMM fund

    Hi guys.
    I try to keep up with as many forums as possible, but I have to admit that I only have so much time to keep up with numerous communication locations.
    The main one where I have my discussion centrally focused is on Donna Forex, apart from responding to Private Individual Messages this is where I dialogue with public discourse.

    The first year of publicly trading with my stats connected and displayed on MyFXBook, SimpleTrader, MQL5, SignalStart, FXBlue, FXStat and FXJunction has been a successful and profitable one.
    I have been dedicated to offering (as we all hear Nick say too) a profitable FX product that is open and honest. I have worn myself out with technical analysis, responding to queries and comments under 48 hours tops, and managing my risk and open exposure. I aim to continue to do so this next year.
    Have a look at all my relevant links for places I contribute to the FX space.Please understand there are advantages, disadvantages, and promotional offers to seize in each method of investing in my overall trade system. Whether it be with short term Trade Copying returns or with longer term investment method of PAMM fund that I will focus an increasing percentage of my day on as I grow, prove my consistency, and as I learn.

    Outsidethebox HK Signals & PAMM funds

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    These last few months my Trading Strategy has experienced the final most fierce challenge for its first year. This forex industry is so very exciting, interesting, but also dog-eat-dog at times. FX is great, you get so many life lessons.
    We work hard to study, to execute, to hold to our premeditated plans, and to keep our lives properly balanced. My hope is that I can be the type of fund manager that brings more light, more openness, and more honesty to a space that is many times described as being filled with strife, dishonesty, and heart-break.

    To celebrate the Outside the Box Strategy One Year anniversary I bring two notices of good news.

    1..... #1 Ranking on PsyQuation!/home/leaderboard
    A Unique Platform for Identifying & Developing Trading Talent

    2...... Approaching High Water Mark, 10 of 12 months positive profit, and the following Trading Performance

    Absolute Gain: +227.08%
    Profit Trades: 96.1%
    Profit Factor: 5.59
    Recovery Factor: 9.63
    Sharpe Ratio: 0.78
    Calmar Ratio: 5.14
    Sortino Ratio: 0.26
    Omega Ratio: 2.05
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      Just wanted to chime in and congratulate you on a job well done! I don't follow most of my forex accounts too closely, so it's nice to do a periodic check-in and see your signal doing well. It's a bright spot in an otherwise bleak forex portfolio. Happy subscriber here!


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        MARCH 2018 UPDATE
        Outside the Box followers,

        Performance --
        We hit new equity highs early in the month (4% above our highest levels), having completed the 7th recovery from Drawdown in the 14 months of this system/strategy, giving evidence that OTB strategy is profitable and is resilient after drawdown. Subscribers or investors who left during a previous drawdown certainly see that they could have recovered their losses if they had adhered to a 6 to 12 month assessment of returns.
        My manual trading talent and discretionary strategy is being recognized by "Emerging Trader" websites such as FundSeeder (Ranked #1 in 4 categories -- Sharpe Ratio, Sortino Ratio, Gain-to-Pain Ratio, and Annualised Return) and PsyQuation (Rank #6). Alternative Investment managers recognise OTB strategy as an "outlier".
        The Commodity dollar longs did not revert to mean on the 1H uptrend and timeframe, but instead the 4H and daily timeframes exerted their force within the macro downtrend that began in 2013 and 2014. Month end and Quarter 1 end price action turned significantly USD bullish, taken together with sour Equity market in March, which is the worst month on average for stocks given Quarter 1 revisions to US Inflation Outlook. This resulted in a drawdown to end the month, now sitting approximately 8% from High Water Mark.

        Risk Management --
        Given the average daily/monthly returns the OTB system generates, this type of setback is undesirable (given that we just made new equity highs) but acceptable and within the risk management expectations for this strategy. According to trade history, the drawdowns have been progressively reduced so that Fund clients and Trade Copying clients are satisfied with the pace and consistency of appreciation.
        I am working on Maximum Adverse Excursion / Maximum Favorable Excursion metrics and where and when is best to cut losers and when to wait on appreciation of specific winners with an investment professional out of London.

        Goals --
        Markets thinning out now for Easter weekend.
        April on average is best month for anti-dollar currencies and thus all timeframes for USD appreciation should be completed already or very soon. Starting Easter Monday week I will be 100% focused on taking good confirmed entries at a measured risk so that we can reclaim Equity Highs again in 3 to 6 weeks.
        Happy Easter to all, and pray your celebrations are happy and peaceful.
        Will respond to queries and comments within 48 hours. Thank you for your vote of confidence as we prove that FX investing is profitable within patience, diligence, and continued improvement.


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          Outside the Box - Trade Copying and PAMM Fund
          1. Excellent Overall Return-to-drawdown Ratio...
          2. Month: 10.8% in May 2018
          3. Year to Date: 101%
          4. Max drawdown in last year: 26%
          5. 7 recoveries from drawdown and NEW High Water Marks
          6. 13 Positive Months of 17 total Months on track record
          7. Sharpe Ratio: 4.17
          8. Sortino Ratio: 4.61
          9. Profit Factor: 5.09
          10. Colmar Ratio: 5.12
          .... and NOW..... a 2 Month special price.... $99 for 2 months. (or $69 per month)

          ** With $10,000 account you would have already made $1,000 with my signal this month. **

          SUBSCRIBE HERE to JOIN the PROFIT TRAIN with us!!



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            Month of May in the books.
            Outside the Box nearly hit SimpleTrader Leaderboard for month.
            Can't complain with 13.06% for May.

            Last High Water Mark was 1st of March at 1372% so at 1283% right now, we are only 6.5% below High Water Mark.
            (drawdown measurement is usually from intra-month high equity mark)
            12 of 16 months profitable implementing scalping strategy. Find Trade Copying here and other well known sites.

            I normally trade about 7 or 8 lots per month on a balance of around $4300, but I hope to increase this volume in the months to come. I continue to advise subscribers to try to stay invested during drawdown, because this strategy continues to hit new highs and it's the worst when you miss the recoveries. For more breakdown of stats, see links below:

            FX Blue is a leading provider of apps and services for forex traders. FX Blue offers analysis of trading results, apps such as trade copiers and trade simulators, plus charts and alogrithmic news feeds.

            *** This long track record low risk signal is being phased out at end of current subscription cycles (December 2018) ** New investors please see other strategies offered on HotForex Copy, SignalStart, MQL5, SimpleTrader, Darwinex, PsyQuation, and Mt Cook

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              Outside the Box Trade Copying Subscription for Limited Time Price Reduction:

              1 month for just 49.00 USD
              2 month for just 79.00 USD
              3 month for just 109.00 USD
              6 month for just 199.00 USD (2 week FREE TRIAL)

              Great value for a strategy that:
              1. Regularly returns 5 to 10%
              2. May return of 13%
              3. 16 Month return of 226%
              4. 12 Month return of 67%

              Subscribe HERE
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                FYI.... 19.5% so far this month on the new strategy, new risk for a higher risk PAMM....
                (see details here)

                shows you that I can still punch out those returns like last year....would like to register this signal here at SimpleTrader once I increase balance to $3000

       ($40 per month for Trade Copying)

                trade copying and PAMM funds kickin

                Outside the Box low risk signal: (5.24 % already in June -- Summer Specials for 3- and 6-month subscription)

                Outside the Box low risk PAMM: (5.74% in June)


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                  Originally posted by RenkoGuy
                  Stay away !

                  Please support your opinions the same way you do your trades.
                  Unfounded, baseless comments to undercut my hard work will not be accepted.


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                    Originally posted by RenkoGuy
                    Stay away !

                    ... Clarification?

                    Having tried the flagship and many of the "hot" signals offered here and elsewhere (SC, SFE, GS, Reborn, etc etc), there are only two that I still have running, and this is one of them (the other rhymes with "tang"). All of the signals have had a rough run as well as most EA's, and I even had a moment of doubt with this one. Through fortuitous negligence on my part, I stayed in and thank goodness I did. This is the only signal that has managed its drawdowns and climbed back out of them relatively quickly.


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                      Originally posted by fiveninefish View Post

                      ... Clarification?

                      Having tried the flagship and many of the "hot" signals offered here and elsewhere (SC, SFE, GS, Reborn, etc etc), there are only two that I still have running, and this is one of them (the other rhymes with "tang"). All of the signals have had a rough run as well as most EA's, and I even had a moment of doubt with this one. Through fortuitous negligence on my part, I stayed in and thank goodness I did. This is the only signal that has managed its drawdowns and climbed back out of them relatively quickly.
                      And which other signal are you referring to?
                      I'm not familiar with why we need to be cryptic about its name.
                      So, in an unbiased way, what you say is true. Just have to be willing to endure the drawdowns, as is true for we traders too.
                      For you, though, as the investor, you would like to see consistent proven ability and dedication to continue trading well after drawdown entered and new equity highs attained relatively quickly.


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                        Is it possible that he was long 1.5 lots AUDUSD on a $1000 account (Hotforex PAMM) when his DD spiked to above 60% within a day? Or am I mistaken?


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                          Originally posted by primi View Post
                          Is it possible that he was long 1.5 lots AUDUSD on a $1000 account (Hotforex PAMM) when his DD spiked to above 60% within a day? Or am I mistaken?
                          I believe you are partially mistaken.
                          Maximum exposure was 1 lot and equity was over $2000.
                          Not sure which of the two below you mean? It's very important to note that this has only happened twice in the whole history of the PAMM, when I see a good opportunity and.... very important.... when I had no investors. This PAMM which I run at 2x risk has only had one investor, and when he got tired of the drawdown, he pulled out. That's when I decided to get the overall growth in the green by trading the manager account more aggressively until I was above zero. This PAMM started in Sept 2017, and now it has 9% growth in 9 months, so it's reasonably ok now.
                          Then right away I got a new investor, so it seems like I addressed an issue with that account and someone responded positively.
                          That investor now has profited handsomely over the past 2 weeks. And now I have throttled back risk to only 2x again.
                          Really guys, not sure why you feel like criticizing systems you're not even invested in. On trades that end up good.
                          Do you feel like you need something to complain about? All 4 of my accounts listed on MyFXbook are profitable, and master account track record is 17 months old, using same basic strategy.
                          04.06.2018 09:44 05.06.2018 21:30 AUDUSD Buy 1.00 0.76530 0.76585 5.5 41.42 1d 4.26%
                          (ended good trade)
                          07.06.2018 22:43 08.06.2018 00:59 EURUSD Buy 1.00 1.17990 1.18064 7.4 64.00 2h 15m 3.05%
                          (ended good trade)


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                            Originally posted by RenkoGuy

                            Scalping can be hard work but its not fit or investors. Investors need Good day and swingtraders.

                            And ..... 10.7 % account grow with 18 pips profit is not for serious investors
                            Not sure which account you are referring to here.
                            None of my accounts have these stats.
                            14% on low risk PAMM
                            9% on high risk PAMM
                            35% on high risk signal
                            1367% on low risk signal

                            All have more total pips and average pip gains than what you mention. Possibly you were referring to the other scalper.


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                              Originally posted by RenkoGuy

                              Outside the Box - Master Account

                              70 pips profit makes 32 % thats absurd

                              Maybe to you. Which is fine.
                              At that time I had no trade copying subscribers, no fund clients, and a good plan. My plan was to multiply the little I had, with the system I had devised.
                              I still use the same system.
                              I went from no job, and $2700, to making 100k in one year and a great trading skill that will serve me the rest of my life.
                              $53k profit later and about $50k in management proceeds it looks like this was a good plan.
                              I saw the potential.
                              I don't see the scare tactics, fear, and worries as an end. You must go further.
                              To overcome these limitations with hard work, focus, discipline, and courage.