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  • Outside the Box -- Signal and Mt Cook PAMM fund

    Hi guys.
    I try to keep up with as many forums as possible, but I have to admit that I only have so much time to keep up with numerous communication locations.
    The main one where I have my discussion centrally focused is on Donna Forex, apart from responding to Private Individual Messages this is where I dialogue with public discourse.

    The first year of publicly trading with my stats connected and displayed on MyFXBook, SimpleTrader, MQL5, SignalStart, FXBlue, FXStat and FXJunction has been a successful and profitable one.
    I have been dedicated to offering (as we all hear Nick say too) a profitable FX product that is open and honest. I have worn myself out with technical analysis, responding to queries and comments under 48 hours tops, and managing my risk and open exposure. I aim to continue to do so this next year.
    Have a look at all my relevant links for places I contribute to the FX space.Please understand there are advantages, disadvantages, and promotional offers to seize in each method of investing in my overall trade system. Whether it be with short term Trade Copying returns or with longer term investment method of PAMM fund that I will focus an increasing percentage of my day on as I grow, prove my consistency, and as I learn.

    Outsidethebox HK Signals & PAMM funds

  • OutsideTheBoxHK
    Have started to re-add my strategies to MyFXBook with Auto Update selected this morning. Now all equity and drawdown will be constantly updated and current.

    I attempted to change the settings to Auto Update without making a new myfxbook account, but it did not allow me to do this.
    So I lost that link, account, and the 32 members who were tracking my system on myfxbook.

    Mt Cook Master NEW link:

    I have also added myfxbook links, as I promised, for the two new HIGH RISK aggressive strategies that I have been working on this month. These strategies will be available to copy on common trade copying platforms later this month. SimpleTrader requires 6 months of trading history, so will have to wait for these strategies to mature in order for them to be released on this premium trade copying platform.
    Each new system that I add to Myfxbook will have Auto Update enabled.

    NEW Mt Cook Aggressive 1:
    NEW Mt Cook Aggressive Low Drawdown:

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  • OutsideTheBoxHK
    Going strong after 28 months.
    Update while on the road:

    I have been away from my main terminal where all my MyFXBook Publisher EA's are attached, and this is the reason the OTB strategies (low, medium, and high) have not update on MyFXBook.
    I use my MacBook laptop and my MT4 Android app on my Samsung phone while I am travelling for business.
    I will return to my normal trading desk / terminal at the end of this week.
    An updated equity for the different OTB strategies can be viewed on SignalStart
    I do not update this community as frequently as I used to do, because it seems this forum is not growing or active.
    I posted about my current trading on Donna Forex and I update this thread very frequently.

    Exposure reduced.
    Grinding continues.

    DD has been cut to 1.5% in only 100 hours and equity rising - proving all the naysayers wrong once again.
    May --- 8.3% closed profit

    Equity at new all time highs.
    Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 11.22.18 AM.png
    Attached Files
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  • DonL
    Originally posted by RenkoGuy View Post
    Wel i can tell you that Viper ego was so big he could not take a loss. I found him a very poor trader.
    I never understood why so many people followed him, scalping for a average of 7 pips dont impress me at all.
    Well, Unfortunately I finally pulled the plug on Viper. I started emailing him to sell the EUR from 1.20 on down right after the trend change which he kept buying from 1.24 down to 1.12 and held all trades in cumulative draw down. I eventually wound up with $60,000 in just interest swap and wound up with over $250,000 in losses before closing my account. I stubbornly stayed with him just because he originally quadrupled my money during the first three years I used him and just kept thinking, maybe he can just pull this out as he did by luck during the last year of his draw down when trading with Forex Signals.

    During that time he was trading with a mentor that I'm convinced was the true trader behind him but Viper told me recently that his mentor got sick about 2.5 years ago and lost his edge which was the reason Viper got into draw down. I found it interesting that he blamed his mentor for his trading to start losing! Then he never seemed to do whatever he said he would do after moving to the Bahamas. He was going to post weekly updates on his website at International Forex Group but that almost seldom happened.

    He does have a very large ego that can get extremely confrontational if you attempt to tell him anything other than "Good Job" or "Nice Trading"! Otherwise, telling him it might be good to use the "Trend is your friend" to sell instead of buy during a downtrend, you get abusive remarks and blaming you for him trading poorly because of the stress being placed on him.

    anyway I'm finally out and keeping what's little is left. I should have followed a more sensible path had I know what I know now, and got out when he left Forex Signals!

    Last edited by DonL; 05-03-2019, 04:56 AM.

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  • OutsideTheBoxHK
    This is my true advice, taking in account all that has been said here and knowing the truth about my style and my history of over 1200 trades.

    1. Determine max historical risk over past 26 months
    2. Take 50 to 60% of capital at 1x risk (trade copying or Mt Cook PAMM fund, Darwinex, private management)
    3. Take 25 to 30% of capital at 1.5x risk or 2x risk
    4. Take 10 to 15% of risk capital at 3x to 4x risk

    As your analysis will find, this is the way to go.
    As I said

    1. Take profits monthly or regularly
    2. Only allocate an amount that is proportional to your knowledge, management ability, and attention affords.
    3. Take responsibility for which investment option you choose: trade copying or fund structure.

    And the other foolish and emotional comments I am no longer responding to from those "persons not worth mentioning".
    It really is entertaining for me to look at the results of the naysayers and I'm-too-pissed-off-to-make-adjustments-anymore-I'm-finished-type people. I study them on Zulu and Myfxbook.
    It never fails that their results are very poor and for some reason they haven't found the keys yet. My overall profit (just look at the 9 strategies and their histories on myfxbook) should show you that I know what I am doing. I learned from people like myself 2 years ago, and that's what is going to propel me to 6 and 7-figure incomes.

    What really made a difference for me was:

    1. money capital is most important / risk management
    2. psychological capital is 2nd most important / study it
    3. knowledge capital and building it up / compounding it / aggregating it is 3rd most important
    4. Don't throw any of them away

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  • OutsideTheBoxHK
    Originally posted by lucianom View Post
    That guy is a scammer. He destroyed a account of mine in the HotForex copy trade. Stay away from that impostor.
    You have 2 posts here.
    Please define "scammer".
    You must give many more details than just that if you would like to genuinely say others cannot / should not invest with me or copy my trades.
    The HotForex Copy account of which you speak lasted 11 months, and much profit was gained.
    Time and time and time again, I have said the same thing.... with HIGH risk strategies (like that one) withdraw profits each month, and only invest small amounts of your overall capital to begin with.
    Then increase investment incrementally as the profits gained grow.
    I have two new high risk strategies growing at HotForex Copy, SignalStart, and SimpleTrader again. Medium risk and low risk too (which did not blow up).
    By the way, my high risk strategies (even though they effectively blew up after 11 months) STILL have positive profits overall. This is because I withdrew more than I lost.
    never give up, that is the key.

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  • lucianom
    That guy is a scammer. He destroyed a account of mine in the HotForex copy trade. Stay away from that impostor.

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  • OutsideTheBoxHK
    Trifecta day.

    Trade Copying

    High risk -
    Medium risk -
    Flagship low risk -


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  • RenkoGuy
    Outside the Box Zero Spread. How many signals do you have on MQL5 ?


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  • OutsideTheBoxHK
    I am keeping my forum posts to a minimum, responding only to accurate, respectful posts.
    I will keep tweaking the Ultra High Risk and High Risk, as at least the former is doing well. Ultra high risk is a bit of a Ferrari to drive I will admit.
    But the high risk accounts have made good returns if you take a longer perspective.
    As for drawdown, I have already set a max drawdown in the description, but yes I do try to keep it under 10% open drawdown.
    The most recent low risk drawdown topped out at 11% equity open drawdown, but this does not take into consideration that last month I had 7.53% booked profit and this month of March I already have 3.73% book profit. So when these booked trades are added into the open drawdown mix intra-month, really the highest overall drawdown from high water mark has been 5 to 7%. Very acceptable and manageable when you consider my average monthly profit on the low, medium and high risk accounts over 18 to 25 months of good track record.

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  • NextGen4FX
    If I may chime in here... I think its time to say you should can these high risk and ultra high risk ventures. I think it seduces the wrong people and people then expect the impossible which is for you to have perfect trading results each month. I think this would solve most of your issues.

    As for other accounts, I think letting people know what your thoughts are on the pairs you are trading and about how much more drawdown if any you are expecting on your current open trades would suffice. I talk with quite a few people here and most dont say anything but do support you and your trading. A very good friend of mine that has been subscribed to you for quite a long time got somewhat concerned when the drawdown went back into his principal eatting months of profit. This is at regular settings on ST. I think your strategy does very well in pairs like AUD/USD but I believe exotics and JPY pairs have way too much movement and leave your clients with too much exposure.

    The other side here comes from the perception of low risk that is advertised with your signal. While the previous months drawdown has been low, I think the recent jump in drawdown has just caused a stir because people are unsure what exactly to expect. Do they expect drawdown under 10% as you said previously you found unacceptable or what is in your history? I think that part is a bit confusing along with the statements of "my drawdown has gotten progressively lower". It leads people to believe that the lower drawdowns that were seen for many straight months is the norm.

    In any case, I do agree that the trolls deserve no answers if indeed they are true trolls.

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  • RenkoGuy
    This is another review

    We really appreciated your update on SimpleTrader ( but until you reduce your current DD you should lower the subscription FEE. WE CANT PAY 69$ UNITL DD GOES DOWN. AND IT CAN LASTS MONTH!!!

    How much do you investors lose only on swaps and how long do you keep these trades open ? (USDJPY)

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  • OutsideTheBoxHK
    Medium Risk Strategy on Darwinex -- BUC

    Medium Risk-- Trade Copying on MQL5

    Medium Risk-- Reviews on MQL5

    > @irisheffey --
    2019.01.30 02:30 (modified 2019.01.30 05:52)

    I had been following Greg and his accounts for 12 months prior to subscribing. I emailed Greg during that period prior to subscription to ask him bout his trading system. He was quick and thorough in his reply.
    His system, has periods of heavy drawdown. This is part of the game in an average down system. He is currently primarily trading the AUDUSD pair as fundamentally, the Aussie is being weakened against the USD creating a prolonged downtrend. Greg then executes his system as opportunities occur on the charts. This indicates knows the risk and benefits of this type of system and only applies it to the best opportunities.
    Greg is a highly professional and dedicated trader. I am very pleased with his services to date. To date, of all the signals I have subscribed to, Gregs signals are by far the most profitable. I have had two accounts subscribed to his signals continuously for 6 months now and I am happy to report one is over 50% ahead while the other is over 100% ahead.
    I recommend this service if you are happy to accept higher drawdowns in return for higher profit.

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  • plasma
    Viper was a scam and smart , after he earned 1million from Nick he fled because he knew his strategy would not work in the longrun He knew he could not see the trend changes properly but hold onto trades and pray

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  • nwboater
    Originally posted by RenkoGuy View Post
    Wel i can tell you that Viper ego was so big he could not take a loss. I found him a very poor trader.
    I never understood why so many people followed him, scalping for a average of 7 pips dont impress me at all.

    The video's on You Tube with Viper are pathetic, 6 monitors 1 tablet 1 Iphone live squawk forex news
    the clown was trading only 1 pair EURUSD

    The Bahamas ? Is he on the run for some investors ?
    Many of us here made some good money from him until his strategy no longer worked very well. However if I had known then what I know now I would not have followed him. Trading without a stop loss is now frightening to me! Holding losing trades for months in the HOPE that things will turn also doesn't sit well with me. And I agree his ego certainly did get out of control.


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