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  • TalosFX - Trading signal

    TalosFX is a trend trading strategy on EUR/USD.

    No martingale, grid or other averaging strategies are being used.

    There are a maximum of two trades at the same time.

    Every trade has a stop loss.
    I calculate the risk on the average current volatility. Therefore a loosing position on "average" will loose us 0,5-1% (=15-30 pips). Sometimes more, sometimes less.

    Same with the take profit, it is also calculated on the average current volatility. One trade has a tighter take profit (usually between 16-30 pips), and the second one a much wider take profit (usually 40-75 pips).

    Minimum balance is $300+. Recommended balance: $1500+ (better money managment, to make up the signal costs,..)

    I understand that especially smaller accounts want to make fast money, but i really suggest to only copy this signal with 1x risk (or lower).
    Risk x2 should be okay, but don't underestimate the psychological aspect of such big swings. I prefer a relaxed sleep over the constant worry about my trading account.


    FX Blue is a leading provider of apps and services for forex traders. FX Blue offers analysis of trading results, apps such as trade copiers and trade simulators, plus charts and alogrithmic news feeds.

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    As mentioned in the first post, the signal is now available with a big discount.

    Join now for only 30eur and save over 60% from the final price of 80eur (valid until 31. March 2018) <-- expired
    Join now for only 35eur and save over 55% from the final price of 80eur (valid until 30. April 2018) <-- expired
    Join now for only 40eur and save 50%(!) from the final price of 80eur (this offer expires 31. May 2018)

    Or you can join me on Darwinex:
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      Hi, lets see if its worth it: Could you answer these 4 questions:

      1) Whats your win/loss ratio
      2) average win in pips
      3) average loss in pips?
      4) Number of trades for the above 3 stats.


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        Originally posted by nfx View Post
        Hi, lets see if its worth it: Could you answer these 4 questions:

        1) Whats your win/loss ratio
        2) average win in pips
        3) average loss in pips?
        4) Number of trades for the above 3 stats.

        No problem,

        1) 47% / 53% (Win / Loss)
        2) 34 pips win
        3) 21 pips loss
        4) 150 trades (so the numbers are not that representative at the moment)

        Update end of March:

        1) No noteworthy change
        2) No noteworthy change
        3) No noteworthy change
        4) 237 trades now

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          I just closed my last trade in the month of march. There is really not that much to say, but here is a little update.

          The month started great with some good wins in the first week, but after that the market changed and kept moving in a range, which is not that great for my strategy. This lead to a few bigger losses until mid-march. I was able to recover about 4% from that point on, but what really saved this month was this last week, gaining 7%, and ending this month with a total profit of 5,33%.

          I'm still down about 3% from the ATH. But with a bit of luck, it's not unlikely to see a new ATH in April.
          (To everyone that may think about subscribing to my signal now: Buying close to an all time high may not be the best decision, so i would suggest to not go all in right away, better scale in. So if you want to invest, let's say 5000$, start with 1000$, and add money everytime i loose 2% for example. I know this is counterintuitive, but this way you'll loose less, and the recovery will be faster. "buy low - sell high". But of course, do as you wish, it's not a recommendation, just a suggestion)

          What else... the ESMA made a decision to limit the maximum allowed leverage for forex trading to 30:1. This doesn't affect my trading, a leverage of 10-13:1 is enough for my risk managment.


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            You should add a myfxbook as most people use that for analysis.


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              TalosFX - Your stats look good and I wish you well if you can maintain the numbers over time you would be investable.I took the averages from the Simpletrader results.
              Passed it through some random trade generator with your stats and it looks good.
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                Hey everybody, welcome to my mostly useless and slightly late monthly post

                Good news: I ended the month with a 2,35% profit and earned this cool little "Promising" badge on darwinex.

                promising badge.png

                Not so good news: It could've been a much better month, but the ECB and Mr. Draghi stepped in. Long story short, i thought the price on EUR/USD will test the low at ~1.215 (which it did), and reverse (which it also did), but the tables turned fast, and the only logical exit for me was the last swing low, located at quite a big distance.
                It was a big loss, but also nothing extraordinary, two good trades or 4 to 6 smaller wins are enough to recover it.
                Actually with todays profits, i'm already on a good path.

                I've noticed that it was a tough month for other traders too, especially SteadyCapture and SatangFX. I hope that you'll recover soon, it's a win-win for everyone!
                And to all the followers/subscribers, remember that a drawdown every now and then is impossible to avoid. If you believe in a trader and his strategy it is a great opportunity to maximize your profits. Buy low - sell high! And on the other hand, if you have a bad feeling, wihtdraw your money, it's not worth it if you wake up in the middle of the night out of fear for your trading account to be blown.

                Thanks @ nfx for posting this nice graph!

                And yeah, i think that's it. Happy trading!


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                  Tough month so far. Going to be interesting t see how you recover. Can't fault your trading though. 15% profit this year with 15% drawdown. Not amazing but also not bad. You get that up to around 30% for the year and you'd have to be pretty happy with those returns.

                  What happened in the first week of May though? Shame to lose 2 months of profit in a week (that's obviously the main concern right now)


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                    Originally posted by Big River Man View Post
                    What happened in the first week of May though? Shame to lose 2 months of profit in a week (that's obviously the main concern right now)
                    Oh i'm not that concerned at the moment. It's just a losing streak, i hate it, it hurts, but happens from time to time.

                    What happened?
                    Hard to tell, but actually nothing special. Just having a hard time with the current market conditions, especially news events in the last two weeks.
                    Many smaller losses (15 or even 18 in a row i think...ouch), and no big winners, that's basically it.

                    May is not over yet, with 2 1/2 weeks to go, there is still plenty of time to recover. But i'm not forcing it, if the month ends with a loss, so be it, you can't allways win. Stay calm, keep a reasonable risk/money managment, and better times will come


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                      Such a long time without posting anything.

                      Like always, there is not much to say, just trading business as usual.
                      But today is a special day, because i reached my first personal milestone. My master account just closed above 38.2% performance for this year. Weird number, but as most of you should know, its one of the fibonacci levels we love so much, and i really like those too

                      Next stop: 50%!

                      My Darwin is also very close to a new all time high. And in 2018, it is performing better than all of the top10 most invested darwins.

                      Happy trading!
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                        This month ends with a 14.27% gain according to myfxbook, or a 5.72% gain on Darwinex.

                        It's my best perfoming month (myfxbook), and my 2nd best performance on Darwinex. For the first time i was also close to get a Darwinia prize (finished at #63 of 2000+ i guess), which is quite an achievement.

                        That's all, happy trading


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                          Thanks to the U.S., or Turkey, or whoever made the euro fall that much, i reached my second milestone for this year, the 50% profit mark (myfxbook)!

                          With this result, and no open orders, i think this will be a relaxing weekend for both me and my followers!

                          Happy trading

                          Nick Could you please check your PMs?
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                            The good times continue, TalosFX is at its full potential, and only 10 days after reaching 50%, my master account closed above 61.8%, so yet another milestone was reached

                            But please note that after such a winning streak, a dd is likely to happen sooner or later.

                            Happy trading


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                              You cahamged your DD limit in the last week or so from 25 to 30. Also a lot of your trades seem to lose a lot more the average 1%. Before the changes where made maybe you should have informed your folllwers. As most will have to react to the chance after the fact instead of hacking the time to consider the risk etc before marking any changes.