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    Thanks Okda. Re 3, the reason I ask is that with with my current IC Markets IB I get a commission rebate of $1.55 / RTL. If I switch IB's I wouldn't want to lose that. I'll ask IC Markets directly about this ...


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      you are getting all of those signals for free because ST will make profit out of the commission rebate, it that simple

      you have to calculate it and judge, how much rebate do you get monthly now ? if it covers the signal subscriptions you want to follow through the VIP club then you don't need the club, but if you get less then joining the VIP club will save you a lot of cash


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        No problem. Just wanted to clarify.


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          How many signals are free in VIP, can I've a list?


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            Hi ImWrong,

            FX Amplified
            FX Pendulum
            FX Viper
            High Return
            Scientific Gridder
            Smart Scalper
            Smart Trader


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              Originally posted by imwrong View Post
              How many signals are free in VIP, can I've a list?
              Login this: and click on VIP Club.


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                Tried sending you an email but it bounced. I'm with IC Markets and have over $20k USD. How can I get into VIP status?


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                  Originally posted by Isochronous View Post

                  Tried sending you an email but it bounced. I'm with IC Markets and have over $20k USD. How can I get into VIP status?
                  Please try again. nick at

                  I look forward to connecting you up
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                    Any chance of getting INVAST on the VIP list?

                    INVAST is one of the largest global markets brokerage firms; having operated for more than 50 years in Japan and are listed on the JASDAQ stock exchange, in Japan.

                    INVAST Financial Services, which is regulated by ASIC in Australia, has just over 70 Liquidity Providers (L.P.s) contributing to their price feeds - an unusually large number and one that translates into much better fills and execution.

                    They are a very strong counter-party (for those that have concerns over security of their funds), as they do not use their client’s capital to fund any of their hedge positions, and all deposited funds are fully segregated in a Client Trust Account with National Australia Bank, a AA rated bank.

                    Besides FX, CFDs and metals, INVAST will also be offering:

                    ST24 – The world’s largest auto-trading platform

                    ST24 is a unique trading platform that has been a phenomenon in Japan since its launch just over 2 years ago.

                    There are now over 70,000 accounts on the platform - the largest auto-trading service in the world (even though it has only been offered within Japan until recently).

                    The platform brings over 6,000 individual FX strategies together for clients to screen and follow, with 3000 of those that are exclusive to Invast.



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                      Hey Nick, you know me from the detailed forum topic where I track FX vipers progress of how much money he is making me and how it is effecting my life (not too much now but heaps later). I heard about this VIP status and have signed up to axitrader after calling them. They offered me a free VPS as I have a large sum (over $30,000) plus your VIP status. They gave me a link to sign up however so I didn't use yours. Will I still get the VIP status? If so how do I enable it later when I am ready to copy viper from the VPS.


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                        With FinFX dropping US customers as of January 30th, there is a need for a VIP broker that will accept US customers. I know FinFX is offering to move accounts as is to Tallinex, but they are in the Caribbean and some may not feel their money is as safe with them. They do claim to use segregated accounts.

                        Another option is ATC brokers which is based in the US. They manage hedging on the back end which is important for those of us following Viper.

                        Nick please consider offering VIP accounts through both of these--or any other brokers who will take US customers and offer low spreads with fast execution--so that we can continue using the VIP club. Some of us were royally screwed over by DayFox; others lost a lot with Kilimanjaro because of the CHF move. It would be nice not to lose this service as well.


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                          Originally posted by Asad (Reborn) View Post
                          WillT is correct viper is available on VIP but not trusted and ReBORN.
                          Imw yes my High Return signal is there but not this one.
                          Any chance of adding Reborn?


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                            Originally posted by deweymcg View Post
                            Any chance of adding Reborn?
                            Visit my personal profile:


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                              "thanks to" CHF nightmare it's clear to everybody that it's needed to let people to reach VIP limit with a sum of accounts to avoid that a black swan on just a signal would wipe out the whole VIP account

                              Nick called this "insulation" of signal or something like that , I would like to have an idea about when this new approach will be implemented, please



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                                What happens if my account balance falls below min deposit requirements?