No announcement yet. login credentials have been stolen - CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD NOW

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  • login credentials have been stolen - CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD NOW

    I've been notified by Avast that my login credentials have been stolen, including my password in encrypted form.

    Check for yourself at

    Site admin should investigate ASAP.
    14 Nov 2019

    We’ve found your login credentials in a database on the dark web. Change your password now.

    Details of attack
    Forex Signals
    147,144 accounts affected
    In September 2019, foreign exchange trading website Forex Signals was allegedly breached. The stolen data contains usernames, IPs, passwords, salts, and email addresses. This breach is being privately shared on the Internet.

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    So, no response from the people who run this website. Shows that they're more interested in making money off their members than anything else.


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      Sorry for the lack of response. I can assure you we haven't experienced any breach.
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        Well, even if such a situation ever happens, there is nothing wrong with it, because nowadays such troubles can happen even with much larger companies, including banking systems and companies that are engaged in some serious development. In particular, this is why you can change or recover your password and there are certain security settings for your account so that only you have access to this data. In any case, do not panic and be more careful about the security of your personal data. Here and there I think that I am worried about keeping my reputation and trying to increase the audience of satisfied users, so everything will be fine.