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    Hey guys,

    Some of you that are trying to enter the trading room won't be able to because it only allows 100 users inside at one time.

    We need to upgrade our license, however it will take a few days to take effect.

    To get access you might need to refresh the page a few times and wait for a seat to open up.

    Thanks for your patience!
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    Things might get out of hand in the next few days cause of the generated traffic to some of the new signals
    wish you and your team best of luck in dealing with that


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      Because I'm Mr. Obvious,

      Why not just make a script that kicks people for being idle more than 2 hours instead upgrading a license for no reason. See how that works first.

      I'm probably going to get hate for this too


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        Not a bad idea Eric but because of how that page works if we kicked people it would stop sending the signals beneath. A lot of people are in the room for the signals at the bottom of the page.

        Nice idea just can't be implemented with how we are doing it.

        However! we now have an unlimited license so we can have as many people as we like in the trading room