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Exciting times ahead (hopefully!)

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  • Exciting times ahead (hopefully!)

    So as I have mentioned before - MT4 is doing a major overhaul and merging MT4 and MT5 together in its next release.

    This means a lot of EA's are having to be rewritten including ours. I've pretty much completed rewriting both the sender EA and reciever EA and I've been doing some tests today with 2 accounts sat alongside each other.

    By the looks of it, the new MT4 is proving to be a real contender for vast improvement. I'm seeing execution times of 60-80% quicker vs the old platform.

    I've adapted the EA to utilise some of the new features of the new MT4 so we will no longer have any memory leak issues that we've seen in the past (yay!) and with this improved execution this is only good news for signals.

    Bare in mind this is only preliminary tests on a platform that is still in Beta, but the signs are good that Metaquotes are really taking execution seriously.