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  • domain and stvps not responding

    Not sure if its just me,

    but few days and today i keep loosing access to the control panel, the .org website, an my rdp session to the vps of liveforextrading

    the duration is about 5 minutes that all services are unavailable after the initial disconnection,

    during this outage i have normal internet access to sites like myfxbook, i run a continuous ping to net, all looks ok,

    anyone seeing the same?


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    Everything is working so it's probably something with your DNS.

    I recommend using Google DNS or OpenDNS.

    Google DNS IP Address:

    OpenDNS IP Address:

    + Google's tutorial on how to change your DNS on several systems:


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      Hi Daniel

      Thanks for the speedy response, In my router my primray dns is my local supplied ispn dns, my secondary is, dns functions fine to other domains whilst this issue happens

      Also bear in mind that my rdp to the stvps is an ip address so no dns lookup is done but this also is not avaliable,

      To add i have noticed this not only at home but also at work,

      Ill keep looking for issues my end none the less



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        When you can't reach our servers run traceroute ( tracert in Windows ) command to see where exactly you are losing path to us.