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    Originally posted by nice1 View Post
    Hi pearcey2,

    What you're saying would be true *if* SimpleTrader included an account currency ratio in its slave account lot size calculation (as do other signal services like mql5 and myfxbook autotrade). But it doesn't do that. Subscribers have to adjust their risk factor accordingly when the slave and master accounts have different currencies. See the following note from the ST wiki (

    "Note Risk Multiplier considers the balances as unit amounts not by currency therefore if your Master and Slave are different currencies you need factor this in to the calculation."

    You can see why an adjustment in risk factor is required when considering the following example:

    Master account $10,000 USD
    Subscriber account is 10,000 EUR with risk = 1
    Lets assume the master enters an AUD/USD trade at 0.5 lots. With a risk factor of 1, ST will calculate a matching lot size of 0.5 lots given the same account balance (in unit amounts.). Assume the trade closes with 100 pips earned on both accounts. Trade profit in USD = 0.5 x $100,000 x 100/10,000 = $500 USD. This is a 5% gain for the master, but when converted to EUR to be credited to the sub's account, its only about 361 EUR (assuming the current rate for EUR/USD = 1.3836), or a 3.61% profit. Same account balance in units, same lot size, same pips gained, but different % gain.

    For the sub get the same % gain as the master, they need to set the risk to the exchange rate of the sub/master account currencies (1.38 in the above example).

    Hope this helps. Feel free to chime in anyone if you can spot a hole in my calculations ...
    Looks like we were typing at the same time.....your calculations are correct. And also Pianetti don't forget to put a max lot size limit too just in case you make a big mistake and put risk = 13.80....


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      Originally posted by Mario Draghi View Post
      Thats a bit harsh isn't it!

      I thought we are all here to help each other and discuss things in a grown up way, I don't see wishing someone to lose all their money is a good contribution to this thread or is in the spirit of helping each other.

      I have nothing against you Okda in fact I think you are a great guy, but this kind of talk isn't very productive.
      Is calling my way in trying to help "blah" productive from your point of view?

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        Thank you for exhaustive explanation guys, but there is some which still don't convince me here, perhaps Smart Scalper is not the best example.
        look here another account:
        my account (EUR):
        provider account (AUD)
        here last week, same broker, exact same trades but half gain and only 10% less DD, shouldn't the DD follow the gain?

        PS: BRM I like your foresight
        Originally posted by Big River Man View Post
        You should then of course every 2 weeks or so change your risk setting, so in 2 week when the EU is down to 1.3620 you should change your risk to = 1.36


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          Isn't by default 1x risk on a eur account will be in reality 1.38 if the master is USD?
          I mean that if he sets his risk at 1x this will be as if he is using USD account at 1.38?
          So for him to use an equivalent 1x risk on his eur account he needs to use a risk equal to 1/1.38

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            Nope. You have it the opposite way around to the examples above.


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              Ok thanks, it seems I got it the opposite way since the start

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                Yes, so you have either been risking too much! Or inadvertently been cautious, hopefully for you it was the latter


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                  Originally posted by Big River Man View Post
                  As an example, I have AUD account:

                  When I copy Trade Alerter I use risk = 1 (master is in AUD)
                  When I copy Smart Trader I use risk = 0.93 (master is in USD) AU = 0.9290 now

                  If I were to copy a EUR master then I would use risk = 1.49 --> EA is now 1.4920


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                    On the topic of account currency, it would be wunderbar if there was a currency 'helper' in the signal risk tab page.

                    It would be good if there were 2 currency drop downs, so you could select both:
                    - signal account base currency
                    - my account base currency

                    As the risk multipler assumes both signal and trader accounts are in USD.

                    But it would be nice to have some sort of calculator as a guide only, to help us calculate risk if the trader account is in EUR and my account is in AUD for example.

                    Will - is this something on the roadmap?

                    ( after cTrader of course though )


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                      I'm wondering if I should convert all accounts to CHF since the Swiss Franc is probably the only currency that isn't debased like all the other fiat toilet paper moneys.


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                        When I want 100% risk I use 1.49 for a Euro master on my AUD account.

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                          According to your logic and what you said previously, in order to have equal 1x risk with your personal AUD account:

                          If the master is in USD, you choose 0.93x risk because 1AUD = 0.93USD
                          ... and:
                          If the master is in EUR, you would need to chose 0.69x risk because 1AUD = 0.69EUR (more expensive than USD).
                          ... but you're telling me the contrary.

                          Also, if Pianetti have his account in EUR, and while following a master in USD he was getting less percentage gains having it at 1x risk, it would mean he needs to increase the risk to 1.34 because 1EUR = 1.34USD (as it has been stated and agreed both by you and Pearcy)... So if the master was in EUR and the follower one in USD, the risk would need to be 0.75 because 1USD = 0.75EUR.

                          And you are telling me just the opposite with your AUD example.

                          "When I copy Trade Alerter I use risk = 1 (master is in AUD)
                          When I copy Smart Trader I use risk = 0.93 (master is in USD) AU = 0.9290 now"

                          That is right.

                          "If I were to copy a EUR master then I would use risk = 1.49 --> EA is now 1.4920"
                          That's wrong.

                          "So in your case Pianetti you should use risk = 1.38 --> (because EU is 1.3833 now)"
                          That's right because his personal account is in EUR and the master in USD. But if his personal account was in USD and the master in EUR, it would need to be 0.75x. The same as your account being in AUD, it would need to be at 0.69x in order to follow an EUR master with 100% risk.

                          What am I missing?

                          Originally posted by Big River Man View Post
                          When I want 100% risk I use 1.49 for a Euro master on my AUD account.

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                            The way I think of it is that, to keep 1:1 parity with a USD master account (mine being GBP). I need to enter the GBPUSD rate into the risk multiplier. So for a EUR master, I'd have to enter the GBPEUR rate.

                            Whichever the combo, your account needs to be the first currency, then the master as the second currency. That rate is the rate you need in the risk box.

                            Also, this used to be in the ST user manual, but has now been taken out, wondering if Will can take a look at it?


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                              Hey BigRiverMan... I would still like your input/feedback regarding my last post ... Cheers!


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                                Yeah man I'm with Cold. Nick said he would look into it in an earlier post on day fox thread.
                                I ran a test to compare day fox master trades to mine to compare the % with my setting risk @ .72
                                However the master account has all of it closed trades hidden, so I can't compare the % difference, however I believe this is right. That is the risk that I am setting from now on

                                MINE:MASTER = AUDEUR = 1/1.445 = 0.69 (this week) - will change the risk every 2 weeks as the exchange rate changes, same as I do for the USD master signals.

                                Hopefully this helps.