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    So I was right after all... Thanks for your clarification BRM... Good luck! ;-)

    Originally posted by Big River Man View Post
    Yeah man I'm with Cold. Nick said he would look into it in an earlier post on day fox thread.
    I ran a test to compare day fox master trades to mine to compare the % with my setting risk @ .72
    However the master account has all of it closed trades hidden, so I can't compare the % difference, however I believe this is right. That is the risk that I am setting from now on

    MINE:MASTER = AUDEUR = 1/1.445 = 0.69 (this week) - will change the risk every 2 weeks as the exchange rate changes, same as I do for the USD master signals.

    Hopefully this helps.


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      Scary.. if an unknowingly newcomer with an AUD account is following a GBP account with a 1.0 multiplier hes actually running with ~80% more risk than the master.
      1.0 multiplier should be 1:1 risk with the master if you ask me.

      slightly offtopic:
      fxbook messes with this even more with their autotrade; believe it or not, they bring the leverage of the slave in the calculation.
      So with the master at 1:100 leverage and you have 1:500 leverage on your account you run at 5x risk with 1.0 multiplier.
      Because "people with a high leverage setting on their account want to take high risk".

      It's not a bug, it's a feature!


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        I've done some work on this today in an attempt to reach a resolution.

        It appears my initial assumption was incorrect and the differing value between base currencies plays a significant part in setting risk.

        1 Lot traded on a Master Account in EUR = 7.48 per pip
        1 Lot traded on a Follower Account in USD = 10 per pip

        10/7.48 = 1.33

        Therefor a follower account on a risk multiplier of 1 is actually taking 1.33x the risk of the master account due to the differing base currencies.

        We're presently working out the best way to deal with this discrepancy. In the meantime please be mindful of this calculation when setting up your signals.
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          Yes Nick,

          And just to add, although it's probably obvious, you don't need to do the lot calculation at all, since 1.33 is the Eur/USD exchange rate atm and 1/1.33 or 0.75 is the reciprocal.



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            So Friggin happy Nick has finally acknowledged this!!!!

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              Would be great to see a feature to automatically adjust in ST.

              For now the way I remember it is you need to put [yourcurrency][mastercurrency] rate in. So if your account is for example, USD and the master is EUR, you will need to put in the USDEUR rate.


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                Please have a look at this upcoming feature chaps. Worked as quick as I could to bring this up.


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                  Looks the goods

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