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Newbie questions about signals :)

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  • Newbie questions about signals :)

    Hello everybody,

    first of all, I'm sorry for my horrible english (I'm italian, and not subject to FIFO ). I'm new to forex, I started learning it just 6 months ago and I'm still in the "demo account" phase; then I found you and it all seemed very interesting: I thought "while I'm still learning, I can start copying some of the experts ". I'd like to copy FX Viper, but then some (really stupid) questions came out of the blue:

    I read the minimum suggested amount is 500 USD: the trader is making a +2,5% average each month (12,5$) and I suppose that he can count on better spreads than the common investor like myself. Then I need to pay for a VPS + 139$/month to get the EA. If I'm right, I need a 10k account (1x) to have a small profit each month, so I do not understand why the suggested minimum is 500.

    I told you I'm a total newbie in the field (i'm a medic , so I'm sure there's something missing in my thought. But I don't understand what


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    Hey emanvill

    minimum amount represents the amount needed to be able to trade. say a trader takes a trade and he opens 5 trades at a time and each has an SL of 200 pips, you need minimum of 100 to trade, meaning 0.01 is the minimumlot, he is trading 5 trades at a time and all at 200 pips, so your loss can be 100$. so in vipers case, u can trade his signals with 500 minimum and expect the same DD as his. in order to get profits, you need to calculate your fee+VPS+slippages etc.
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