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Wild trade in my account

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  • Wild trade in my account

    I saw a trade today that has gone wild. It was not shown in my Control Pannel only MT4 account. Closed it in loss after it was confirm that it was a wild one. Do not know how it was created? Closed in loss. Looks kike a reborn trade but Assad has no trades open, support says that the have no record of such a trade. Any one else has such issues? I do not want this to happen again? Any hints to trace. I do not trade my self manually. I did not open any trades.

    Any idea anyone?


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    What was the trade comment?


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      #1958457 in the comment thanks nc!


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        This was reborn.

        Opened on 19th August and closed on 21st August


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          I do not know what happen I closed it manually today. It was not shown in the Control Pannel. Asked support they could not trace the order but at least you did. Why it did not close then? Will it happen again? What went wrong? (not on line)

          Thanks nc!


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            Its hard to say after the event - how long has it been there? Did it just open or what actually happened.

            Also has anything happened to your broker lately? The only possible reason would be if the magicnumber didn't exist on the trade any more. I could write an EA to check this if you could give me access to your VPS.


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              I am traveling this week end Tuesday will contact u to investigate. Nc


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                Hi Will, I am back what happen is that reborn had an account with ibfx. There were issues he closed the account. Orders placed in this account were not manageable by ea since reborn runs on a new broker, account. I closed manually some orders and most probably I left that one running. Now I closed it. There is no problem with the ea but these changes of account created this wild order. Does it make sense to you? Case closed.