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    Hi Guys,

    I got a feature request for the simpletrader platform. It would be wise to add a "stop getting new singals" function when a hard stop is set on signal.
    I think about following case: A grid singal providers hit a user set hard stop and all trades were closed. The signal provider opens new trades and then you get a bigger drawdown. Just saw it on Caesar signal last friday.

    Thank you

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    Feature requests for analysing trading

    Hi SimpleTraders,
    I am trying to analyse my trades and have these feature requests:
    1. When analysing, i need to see a specific period. As I use one account for several signals, I need that period for all of those signals. Could it be made that a period, once set, remains active in the control panel (across all systems) until changed or until end of the session. Now I have to enter start time and end time again and again, which is no fun.

    2. For the set period, I would like to be able to see a table with the master and slave next to each other, showing number of trades, profit, pips and slippage. Option: same table broken down by instrument/fx.pair.

    3. I would like to see a graph with 4 lines: master balance, master equity, slave balance, slave equity. Master (or slave) should be shown equalized for account size and risk setting, so the resulting graph shows differences in trade quality.

    I can do all these things in a spreadsheet, but building that takes a lot of manual work, especially the linking of master and slave trades. An alternative would be to be able to download the trades of master and slave linked to each other, then building the sheet is easy.


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      Please add the feature, when a signal providers hits a user defined hard stop, that the signal is disabled from then and can't open new trades.


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        Could you please create a game called "Simple Trader Kart".

        You could choose between different characters that have different bonuses and personalities such as Nick, Smart, TA, Druid, Mario Draghi, Forexloser, etc. Some good characters and evil characters.



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          Nick and WillT.. do you have plan to create myfxbook type of website for performance?