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version 3.4 fixes partial reporting

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  • version 3.4 fixes partial reporting

    Hey guys, we've been working for a few days on getting the partials to correctly report slippage. I'm unsure how this has never been picked up before, but the way that the copier works makes it really hard to calculate the slippage between the master and slave when dealing with partials.

    We've coded something which should make the reporting 99% accurate on the simpletrader website (only on new trades moving forward - I can't fix the old ones I'm afraid).

    While doing testing, I noticed that sometimes the EA wouldn't update the partial close for up to 90 seconds in the EA. This had no effect on copier speed, simply the speed at which it reported the close to our systems. This has been rectified in version 3.4 - so if you upgrade to 3.4 you will now be able to view both slippage AND execution time on partials (previously we had neither)

    To upgrade from version 3.3 - simply go into your start menu (windows 8 press windows key then type "simpletrader") and you'll find a simpletrader updater.

    This willl remove version 3.3 and install 3.4 - restart MT4 and you can drop 3.4 onto a chart and off you go.


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    Guys - check your email from Will re v3.5 of the EA asap.


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      To close partial trade -if you want to do this -you could also leave it alone & see how it turns out later - double click the trade you want to alter which opens the trade window, select the lot size you wish to close in the volume window , which shows in the box below buy/sell then click close by market in that box. Careful -make sure you don't close the whole trade by mistake - decide, how much to close based on the previous few trades The email is in ST if you log in you can find but here it is:

      "We have had to release version 3.5 1 day after 3.4 as we noticed that when opening new trades if you are using Risk Balance - the calculation was still using master equity instead of balance.
      We recommend upgrading to this version ASAP.
      To upgrade:

      •Run Simpletrader Updater from start menu

      •This will install 3.5 and remove your previous version

      •Restart MT4 and drag the new version onto your chart window (old version will no longer exist)

      •Confirm you have a heartbeat in Simpletrader control panel"
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        I only just upgraded to version 3.1 a couple of weeks ago so new versions are coming out thick and fast. What I am concerned about is how I have such big DD when I check I think I see why. DF 1 lot should be 0.24 on my account but is actually 0.34. Reborn should be 0.27 not 0.37. When dealing with people's money versions must be thoroughly tested before release. I could loose my account over this as I have so much bigger risk than I ever asked for.


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          I agree.I only noticed this when someone brought this up on DF thread.


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            Money Management techniques haven't been changed since version 1 almost 2 years ago. We have changed how partials handle closures, but thats not money management related.

            This bug that 3.5 fixes has been a bug since day 1. So nothing has changed regardless of what version you've been running.


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              Hi Will - can you pls explain how the maths has changed with partial closures. Presumably it means our accounts more closely resemble the master in proportionate terms?