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Feature request: Option to enable short/long for each pair

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  • Feature request: Option to enable short/long for each pair


    This has been mentioned before but probably be good to bring it out again in the correct place.
    Is it possible to build a feature where we can enable only buys or only sells on certain pairs ?
    e.g If we have a strong short bias on the EU and do not wish to get into any EU longs, it is possible to disable longs through the signal control panel on that pair, similar to how we could disable trading on certain pairs currently.

    It would be possible to disable long or shorts on the EA, but things get messy when you got multiple signals and multiple pairs with different biases.


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    This is a good option. And is an option that is offered by other copiers. It would of saved me a truckload when Viper was caught in that endless EU long. It also could mean that say you could run Day Fox as a trader still (now that you are in drawdown) and rather than waking up to the bugger opeing a shitload of longs at the top and then it retracing, if your bias was only to take shorts then your open trades by the trader could still be managed. I think its a great enhancement. Good idea SpiderPig


    • #3 far no feedbacks/inputs from Will or Nick...positive or otherwise.
      Hope we get their response soon.