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Simple Trader - Getting Social!

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  • Simple Trader - Getting Social!

    We have back to back projects and one of which that's now launched and live is our new Social Interface!

    We are aware that this is not revolutionizing the industry but we are confident to say that what we're providing - socially - is far more transparent, engaging and influential than what you may find elsewhere. The reason why we believe this is because we've taken the time to understand and gauge what is otherwise redundant on other sites: free social interaction with professional traders!

    The main focal points of this new interface is that the content is solely from the professional traders who have published their eligible track records to the Market Place. This ensures that the standard of content found in the feed, is nothing but valuable. After-all, it's in the traders best interest to provide a slice of their knowledge and wisdom to the vast ocean of eager copiers...

    Let's quickly summarize the benefits of these changes:
    • Centralized Live Feed
    • Traders can upload charts and demonstrate their analysis
    • Traders can post quickly or publish articles
    • Live trade feed of the latest closed positions
    • "Top Gainers Today" table
    • Slick and user friendly interface
    • Ability to "like","comment" and "follow" a trader.
    • Visual aids to highlight who you are copying and any latest trades or content they've published
    • and more to come!

    These traders have earned their right in the Market Place and as a copier, there is much more you can learn about them now! With this said, who you choose to follow, comment, like or copy, is entirely up to you!

    We thank you for all of your continued support and valuable feedback. We hope you take the time to have a look around and get stuck in!
    -"An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn't happen today"-

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