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Trade Copier v MAM questions for UK trader

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  • Trade Copier v MAM questions for UK trader


    Can anyone help me with a few questions Iíve got on the trade copier system - Iím trying to decide whether to go for the Fx Viper MAM option or the trade copier to copy Viper's signals. I like the idea of the MAM as itís hands off but I donít like the fact that itís in USD because Iím from the Uk and would prefer to have an account in GBPÖÖ

    I see Viper recommends that you use the risk multiplier setting in the copier at no more that 3x but as his master account is in USD and mine would be in GBP what multiplier setting would I have to apply if I want to to run at say x 2.5?

    Would I need to run an additional VPS or as advertised on the Simpletrader site an MT4 host as this would be another additional cost to factor in along with the subs fee to determine opening balance requirement - I would only intend to copy Vipers signals at this stage. Also are there any benefits or differences between the VPS and the host if you believe one of these are needed?

    If there were a trade in loss in Vipers master account would this be automatically copied over to my account or would the system wait until the next trade starts?

    Appreciate any help on the above and apologies if Iím asking the obvious. Iím new to all of this and just want to make the right choise with the help of the abundant knowledge on this site

    Thanks a lot