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Simpletrader Social gets a good start

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  • Simpletrader Social gets a good start

    Hey guys, a big thank you to everyone who has stepped up and helped us get the social side of running.

    Hopefully you guys are finding it a really useful resource, and also its showing you some of the great traders we have in the market place that you may not have seen before!

    Please continue supporting the traders and the network by viisting and interacting! And if you haven't yet go onboard, go check out and click on Social/Dashboard

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    WillT did you remove the history and open trades of traders when introducing the social side? I can't find it anywhere

    I wanted to compare my open trades to those that I follow cause my copier was down for almost 2 hours. and there are too many open trades to see it on my chart (it does not fit).


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      No? On the signal page you mean? The open and closed trades tabs are still there.


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        Originally posted by WillT View Post
        No? On the signal page you mean? The open and closed trades tabs are still there.
        The name has changed from Trade History to "Closed Trades"

        Threw me off as well initially
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          I can see my own open trades/ trade history

          But previously if you go to the marketplace you could see the signal providers open trades/ trad ehistory. Now that isn't shown now is it?


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            Can you stick a screenshot up - because I don't quite understand.


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              As you can see when I go to market place usually before you could see open trades and closed trades of the signal provider's master account.

              This is how it is now

              As you can see you can only see stats. Now I can understand that you can't see open trades when not subscribed but this particular provider I am subscribed to. And history should be available to all when people decide to subscribe to a signal or not (sometimes they hide it in myfxbook)


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                Ah.... You have a really small resolution I think. Is this on a small laptop? The tabs are there but on small resolution they get hidden