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  • Live help or Emails

    Hello, I've been trying to get a response from either live help or contact form for a few days now, is there a problem or when can I expect a reply please.


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    Originally posted by moultan View Post
    Hello, I've been trying to get a response from either live help or contact form for a few days now, is there a problem or when can I expect a reply please.

    That's very strange go on live help and someone will assist you


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      Are you saying live help is up and running? It don't seem to be from my end.


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        I had the same problems a view weeks ago. Until now no response at all.

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          Hey guys, we were a little short these past few days as our team flew back to their respective county's from Las Vegas. You should find that everything is back to normal as of now. Live chat is available for the majority of market hours and emails should receive a reply within 60mins.
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            Thanks Nick, that's what I thought. Hope you had a good time here welcome back..


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              I have a problem with beeks server can not login and for minutes my web interface looked red. Now I see that Smart Scalper has 4 open trades and i have 3 open the fourth is closed already?? Any one else? Have send email to beeks will send also one to ST. Cheers..



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                I am trying to send this message but I get a :
                We encountered a problem (cross-site request forgery detected); please try again
                So here it goes until I find a way to resolve it...

                Hi there I had the following problem is time sequence.

                Early morning local time GMT +3 all OK.
                Later ST web interface shows RED down link or server.
                Could not login to server, informed beeks pending investigation
                Server looks normal at ST web interface
                Now I can login into beeks but no sceen black.. pending beeks response
                Master account Smart scalper has 4 open trades I have 3 open order 2697385 has been closed in my account but master has order open?? Here is my log.

                Scalper 2015/06/10 06:56:57 2.43s 2015/06/10 07:09:00 N/A 1.996840 1.997200 0.43 Buy GBPAUD 10.55 3.6 - 2697385

                Can you explain any steps I need to take. Beeks problem is under investigation....

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                  Now I can log into my beeks server some normality is back.... nc


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                    Msg from beeks FX reason of failed data center...FYI all resolved now and in profit!!

                    Dear Client

                    We have failed over to our Disaster Recovery Systems in NY4 due to a major failure in our production IBM Storage arrays, all loads are now transferred to our DR SAN devices and connectivity should have returned, we are working with IBM engineers to isolate the issue on our production environment and remedy. Apologies for the issues we have faced today, we will of course investigate the root cause and formally email cleints affected when we have finished out investigation in the next 48 hours

                    Best Regards

                    Beeksfx Support