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Suggestion: Closed trades' history view

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  • Suggestion: Closed trades' history view

    Hello ST's team,

    With our current situation with consistent profit trader, without going into details, I got the below idea that I would like for you to think about
    Many traders hide their trades on myfxbook while we can see them on ST
    On myfxbook you can see the history of each trade while it was opened, for example the drawdown in pips, the maximum pips in profit
    Attached is an image showing such details for a closed trade on my account

    Can you please implement such feature on ST?
    It will be helpful in studying the trading style of he trader before joining him

    Thanks in advance


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    I know this might need from St server to record live price per tick for all pairs, sounds a lot of load but really this will be very helpful and offer the client a lot of info about the trader and his trading style before deciding to join him which will reduce the pressure on ST team and the trader himself , in general it will increase the efficiency of presenting the signal on ST

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      any feedback from ST's team ?