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Setting up multiple meta4 in VPS

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  • Setting up multiple meta4 in VPS

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    Did you install the newer mt4 using the broker install or copy & paste the existing account then log in to your account? Copying & pasting an account then logging in can be problematic sometimes because of how the install creates an additional folder usually in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\MetaQuotes -or the 'Data' folder shown in an open mt4 (can vary according to Windows version on vps)

    Have a look in that folder & see how many mt4's there are - it's possible the new one you are trying to install is cross referencing from the install file in Program files or wherever you installed to, to an incorrect file in the Metaquotes folder - you can check each one by opening the 'terminal' folder in MQ as above then look for the 'origin' text file in each installation with the long file names of letters & numbers, open the txt file & it shows the origin of the install in program files - they can become messed up sometimes. You may also find empty folders in the MQ section from old installs which were removed, I delete these. You should have the same no. of installs in MQ as in Program files & they all need to be cross referenced in the txt file correctly otherwise weird things can happen like what you are describing - wrong accounts opening in mt4. can happen. If you delete an mt4 folder in MQ which is linked to an mt4 in program files when you try to open mt4 it will say 'cannot find xxx'. You might have to get rid of all the number/letter folders in MQ apart from the one operating correctly (check the txt files carefully) & reinstall the new mt4 from scratch then check the cross referencing in the txt file to make sure it's correct. Problem with some broker installs now is they autosave to program files & if you want it elsewhere you have to cut & paste to your preferred location before opening the mt4 on desktop - this is when it creates the link in MQ folder which becomes incorrect if you move other install file.
    Hope all this is not too confusing & helps sort it.
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      Yeah, thanks littlemax. It was cross referencing.