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  • Facebook Integration - Login with facebook!

    Hey guys,

    We've now set the forum so that you can directly link your facebook account. You can do this as a new user, but you can also link your current forum account to your facebook account.

    This speeds up login and makes everything a lot simpler - so its quite a nice feature. You can also choose to post what you say in the forum to your facebook feed (if you so choose - tick box available at the bottom of each reply you make).

    To do this:

    - Logout
    - Click top right "Login or signup"
    - Click the login with facebook icon - then use the "Connect Facebook" button
    - Once you've done this process, instead of filling out the form as a new user, simply type in your username/password and hit connect.

    This will link your facebook account to the forum, so from now on you can simply sign-in using your facebook credentials

    You can unlink this feature at any time within your user settings, but its pretty neat so I think its well worth it.

    Any problems let me know

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    That evil crap made it here finally :/ haha

    Congrats on the integration just shame it's Facebook heh

    Totally in the minority here I know but couldn't resist

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      I have to admit I don't really use facebook - but it has to be said that a single login is really handy.