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Recommendation to change SimpleTrader Risk Management Interface

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  • Recommendation to change SimpleTrader Risk Management Interface

    I have a suggestion regarding the SimpleTrader risk management interface for masters in a different currency.

    I started following SPM Capital recently, which is in GBP. My account is USD and the Risk/Money Management tab provides an example table to help out.

    I wanted the same risk as the Master, so I looked at the “Your Risk” column in the table, and figured, for my risk "Your Risk" to be 1, the "Example Risk" (multiplier) would then be approx. 1.5. I set my multiplier to 1.5.

    Now I realize I got it backwards. But, who would figure that “Your Risk” in the table has in fact nothing to do with my risk, but actually means my MULTIPLIER (the name of the field we fill in).

    Of course, I'm not blaming anyone but myself, but the table is confusing. I could recommend the SimpleTrader folks change the table headings:

    Your Risk” to “Your Multiplier” (the field we eventually fill in)
    Example Risk” to “Your Risk


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    The dynamic lot feature would be the BEST solution to avoid any form of confusing regarding the riskmgmt, but unfortunately it seems not going to be implemented for some unknown reason.