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Network / Server / EA Upgrades!

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  • Network / Server / EA Upgrades!

    This weekend has been a tough one, but it looks like its paid off. We've invested heavily over the last year, and are constantly investing in our infrastructure with new upgrades both to servers and network. We have focused heavily on our network lately to reduce as much latency as possible between all data nodes and increase data compression where possible when passing data back and forth between users and our network.

    This weekend we've rolled out a new upgrade throughout the network, and first testing is looking to be a vast improvement - cutting almost half of the execution time off the EA.

    We will update this further after more testing and after some live trades execute. Our clients have asked us to work hard on performance, and that is what we've done!

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    Thank you Will! I'm sure we all really appreciate the work you put in to squeeze out every last pip! Good job.


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      Thanks for that ColdHypno - appreciated. I'm still doing extensive tests now to find optimum conditions for execution.