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  • Simple Trader - Simulator

    Where can i find the simple trader simulator? Do i have to enable the simulator in my settings?

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    Please give up this idea, it's better to trade on your own, let you take more time to get used to it and learn, but it's such a pleasure when you control the situation and make money yourself, wow.


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      You can simply enter a market simulator into your search engine - and you will have a huge number of options of any complexity and specification. And with the demo version is also not bad, it's important for you to practice, as I understand it;


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        Why don't you just use the demo of the broker that interests you most, I think it would be more rational.


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          Well, look, anyway, if you think about it, it means that you are more interested in trading, which means that you already have a brokerage company that you are interested in.
          So don't waste your time, start trying this company's demo. Because this way you can solve several issues at once.
          1) You will get used to the functionality of the trading terminal and will be able to immediately start productive work with capital. It is really convenient.
          2. you will be able to test several simple strategies, again taking into account the assets that are available and possible limitations from the broker. In this way, you will be able to at least approximately study the statistics and understand what kind of income, again, at least approximately you will be able to earn in the future.