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VPS Servers available again

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  • VPS Servers available again

    Guys just a quick heads up - Our new hardware arrived and VPS servers are now available for order again. We had approx 55 customers waiting and all these are now live, however we don't have much space left so if you want a server might be worth acting quickly.

    We have more hardware on order, but my god last time was a nightmare! Should be this time, but you just never know.

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    Hey Guys

    I was going to raise a ticket about this but thought it might be of general interest and therefore worth asking in the Forum.

    Can I ask a very specific question - What is your contingency if the SimpleTrader VPS goes down in the middle of trades?

    Thanks in advance.



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      A great question. We have segregated the network so that the vps platform runs off separate network interfaces such as routers etc. The likely hood of both vps and copier platform dropping is extremely slim. Its as slim as hosting on another provider.


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        OK Will, Thanks. That's reassuring.