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Private Mentoring Coming Soon To The Trading Room

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  • bull_2nd
    Thank you Nick and team for this challenging chance!

    Will the access to Premium Trading room be available for VIP owners?

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  • toddys2k
    Very interesting, another good thing for the community!

    The access to "Premium Trading Room" will be free for MAM owners (maybe with substantial funds allocated) ?

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  • dupapa
    This sound brilliant.

    Cannot wait

    Absolutely fantastic

    Well done fs team!

    Looking forward to the invite sounds very interesting!!


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  • Nick
    started a topic Private Mentoring Coming Soon To The Trading Room

    Private Mentoring Coming Soon To The Trading Room


    At we're constantly working on ways to innovate and add value to the forex trading community. Throughout the years a number of people have suggested we offer education and mentorships to aspiring traders, something I've always wanted to do, but due to lack of experience or available talent we've been unable to offer.

    You may have noticed that earlier in the month I put out a call to the community of almost 40,000 registered members seeking interest from experienced professionals with a desire to coach and educate our community.

    The response was overwhelming! I received over 100 applications from all corners of the globe and after spending the past 2 weeks interviewing potential candidates I'm pleased to confirm we've secured the talents of 2 compelling individuals.

    Andrew - He has traded the markets for the past 30 years, having successfully transitioned from a floor trader in the city of London during the boom of the 80's to successfully transitioning to trading online.

    Jason - He has been trading the Forex markets for the past 10 years and has run his own youtube videos and forex websites for many years. He brings a vast knowledge of the Forex markets to the world of ForexSignals

    If you want to make the jump from trading as a hobby to becoming a true professional you need relevant, structured support and education.

    Hanging out in the free room and copying the occasional trade won't get you there. You need to be trading with like minded individuals who understand what it means trade the market for a living.

    Andrew and Pip will introduce themselves through regular scheduled streams starting 1st November. Thereafter we'll be inviting clients who have accounts under at our partnered brokers to join a Premium Trading Room. Here you'll have access to Andrew and Pip throughout the London and New York sessions each day as well as an introductory one-on-one session with Andrew so you can create your trading "business plan" to ensure your future success.

    Our team are really excited about the prospect of providing higher level support to those that want to trade themselves.

    If you have any comments or questions please let me know!