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Analytics package for the Signal Provider

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  • Analytics package for the Signal Provider

    Can you guys unlock the analytics package to the signals providers? It would be a great feature for the signal provider to know the statistics and be able to recommend specific brokers best for their customers. If this is already available for the SP, where at in the backoffice. Thanks and looking forward to using these stats.

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    What's your UID? I'll unlock it for you considering how much you're contributing on the site Feel free to send it via Telegram
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      Thanks Nick, I don't know how I've missed the Icon on the Left side of the Backoffice.

      I was going through all the tabs on the right side thinking that it wasn't available to the SP. Well that's great news , much appreciated and I'm looking forward to the stats. UID sent through Telegram!!


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        There aren't many analysts, it's always useful... And how do you choose signal providers? What are your criteria..?