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    for the first time I let my profit run with two trades that had big gains: standard deviation increased from 0.634 to 2.170 which is a lot but due to gains, so it's nice

    The result is that I am in the 12nd place even having a gain/dd ratio and an absolute gain better than a lot of other competitors ahead me

    I suggest to review the ranking method strongly increasing the positive weight of having big right tales in the P/L distribution to not penalize so much who let the profit run

    I hope it could help

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      Hi guys,
      in this difficult period with only one rock solid trader in game, I was looking for some new services but it's quite difficult to find a good one. My first check is always related to drawdown. I don't like dd higher than 15% (stated). In my calculation it's the percentage that could be recovered easily to go again in a new equity high. As you know, if you lose 50%, then you must gain 100% to recover, it's math. After it, I check monthly performance. VPS, service fee and so on have a cost. Without a good performance you lose money. There are also other parameters that I check but "safe&gain" are the most important,imho. Nick,FS team, do you think that someone would choose many of the top traders in this contest? I thought the ranking driver would be related to Top Traders but I'd ask to the community which signals would be choosen.. In the top 10, just 2. I think you should check the ranking's a Top trader contest, not the Less Volatility contest.


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        I am new for this forum & thanks for your post


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          Sounds interesting .