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NEW: Top Trader Contest - Chance of managing over $1,000,000!

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  • Big River Man
    Does the million dollars come from a broker or does it mean they will be the next Jay and Hans?

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  • PistolPete
    Hey Dom, thanks for the invite. I signed up (1st person ) and can't wait to be part of this.

    This is a unique experience and I love what you've done with it.

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  • NEW: Top Trader Contest - Chance of managing over $1,000,000!

    You don't want to miss this... is giving our community members the fairest chance of becoming a professional trader and managing millions of dollars.

    The team here have been working hard behind the scenes in bringing you a transparent and exciting new opportunity anyone can take part in. We're not just assessing how much money you've made but instead we're wanting to see (irrespective of your balance size*) how much risk you took for the gains you've made.

    This means that those with a smaller balance have the same chance of becoming our next Top Trader as someone who has a 6 figure balance.

    So how are we assessing who is classed "better" than another trader?

    Lets have a look at the ranking formula:
    1. Realised Gain (equity if lower than realised gain) / ( Max Draw-down * Standard Deviation of trade gains)
    We're looking for a trader who can demonstrate consistent risk management. Those who have sporadic or erratic returns (e.g. large outlier losses) will not receive a better ranking score than someone who has demonstrated consistency.

    Here is everything you need to know in order to get started:
    1. Live IC Markets account
    2. Must be under IB (ID: 1619)
    3. Minimum balance of $1,000*
    Unlike some trading contests, you'll be pleased to know that we're not marking up your spreads of trading commissions either!

    Entry into this contest will also enroll you into the "Monthly Top Trader" contest too!

    Courtesy of IC Markets, the top 3 traders with the highest rank (same as above) will win the following cash prizes deposited into your account:
    1. $750.00 USD
    2. $500.00 USD
    3. $250.00 USD
    So what are you waiting for? Join the Public Trading Room to learn more about how to join this contest!

    Hurry though, time is running out as we're due to launch our first Monthly Top Trader contest on the 1st of February! All entrants must have their accounts synced prior to the 1st of February to be eligible for cash prizes in that month!