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  • Changes To The Trading Room

    Hey guys,

    We have decided to restructure the trading room and combine the public and premium sections.

    We appreciate those that have joined Premium Room, however, over the past five months; the concept hasn't generated the traction we expected.

    Our goal is to help you make money by trading the forex market, that hasn't changed since our inception back in 2012. Over the years we've adapted and innovated countless times in an attempt to bring you the best technology and knowledge available as the market and industry changes, but we also need to be able to generate revenue.

    Unfortunately, the current structure hasn't created engagement from the trading community as we expected and the revenue generated from commissions doesn't come close to covering costs, so we're changing tact.

    What's changing?
    • The Premium Room and Public Room are combining with Andrew and Jason streaming in tandem with Tony. Over 20 streams per week across all sessions.
    • New members are required to pay an upfront fee of $99USD to gain access.
    As an existing member that's been active in the past six months, you'll retain free lifetime access with the change will be taking effect over the next 24hrs.

    I know this likely comes as a surprise. The good news is that the combined room will feature much more interaction and should help every one of us with our trading, rather than having 2 siloed sections.

    Thank you once again for your support, I'm confident over the coming years you'll continue to benefit from the site and community. Ultimately making a handsome return on your time invested!

    I look forward to seeing you in the trading room.

    Nick McDonald
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    I've already had a few questions posted in the trading room, so to clarify.

    If you have logged into the site at any time over the past 6 months then you will retain your free license for life.
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      Big mistake, wipe the slate clean, level playing field, sort out the serious traders, should be everybody pays to stays, YMMV


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        not very clear...


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          Originally posted by Hilafero View Post
          not very clear...
          What part?
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            It is very clear. Nick said if u have logged in the last 6 months you don't pay the $99

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              It's okay that there are paid directions. High quality necessarily costs money, so it's worth the attention...


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                Of course, if you need support in the market, then it is necessary to use something similar, the main thing is to choose such proven resources, because now there are many fraudsters, you should not trust everyone.