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  • Trade Signals Search Function

    Is there a search function for the trade signals section I am not seeing? If not, that would be a cool thing to add to the site in my opinion. If you're looking at a trade setup and want to see what others are thinking, searching a certain currency pair would be nice especially when you're on mobile.


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    Hi Will , I've already highlighted it in the past without answers:
    I hope it will be the right time to enable it..
    Hi Simpletrader/ForexSignals team, I don't want to enter again in the ranking formula discussions (it's your market so you apply your rules), but a searching


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      Hi bull, I hope so too!


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        If such a system existed... would be really good, man... But you should not make the trading process so easy, a trader should think and pick up the moments, not just follow the flow...


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          I will probably agree with the opinion that it is not worth making trading something like a game, in general, this forum has very different goals, and first of all for me they are that here you can discuss any topics that relate to trading, here you can get answers to your questions and hear about the experience of your colleagues. But in fact, it is a serious attitude to trading that can be a reason for profit, because you will never feel the market, if you just duplicate someone's thoughts and strategies, you should study it so that you can come to certain thoughts and learn something new, because otherwise there will be no development. And this is the most important thing, because the profit comes to those who understand what they are doing.