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i need a reliable forex signal or forex investment

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  • i need a reliable forex signal or forex investment

    Hello guys, my name is Anthony, I am a newbie in forex. please how can I get good forex signals and much does it cost?
    is the there a good forex investment platform that I can signup?
    help please

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    You can check out fxcharlie


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      You may check out this one. I get one free signal everyday.


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        Instead of relying on Signal Providers its better to learn and trade yourself.
        Here is a 4 part very easy system on YouTube.
        Here is the ZEE Buy Sell Indicator. No need for any complicated systems. This an extremely easy way to trade forex and make money everyday. I have spent a lo...

        I have learnt a lot from YouTube.


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          hey great. once you've tried it out. and you find out how tough FX trading really is... it might be 6 months or 12 months down the road.... but whenever that is... come back and tell us. I know that the hardest part of FX trading is the amount of time you have to spend on it, the difficulty of keeping to established guidelines in strategy and risk management, and finally the psychological hurdles you must overcome when you've worked for days on end and you end up with a losing month. It is worth it to learn these tough lessons and to be self made, self taught, and self employed.
          Good luck. I learned a lot from YouTube and courses too.