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  • Thanks SC. There's been a great deal of discussion and concern about latency in other threads lately and your explanation is much appreciated.


    • Originally posted by SteadyCapture View Post

      Keep in mind that when market action spikes with large amounts of volume the amount of tick data that MT4 is updating greatly increases which can cause spikes in the amount of system resources being used. This could occur at the worst possible time for trading and I have seen significant delays in MT4 performance caused by this problem if the system is not set up properly.
      I didn't realise that, I've only checked when the market is quiet so I am probably getting a false picture of resource usage.
      I guess it is also best not to be logged into your VPS at busy market times as the remote desktop connection will add to resource usage. Thanks for the information.


      • Originally posted by manonmars View Post
        Hello SC,

        Do you host your MT4 at ForexVPS ?
        Originally posted by Daniel View Post
        all Master Sender Accounts are hosted @ (the same Datacenter where SimpleTrader Copier Servers are located) but it's up to traders where they execute their trades
        Hello manonmars,
        Above quote by Daniel (from another thread) may answer your question.
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        • Yes, I wish we had choice between UK and NY as most brokers are in Equnix NY4 . But ST team always refused to offer anything in NY (maybe they have their reasons). Axi, ICmarkets, Pepperstone, FXPIG, GP, Oanda, FXCM, FinFX, ... are all in NY.


          • Hi SC,

            I'm about to open a UK based account, and I must say I like what I see at Squared Financial, they seem very professional and geared towards institutional traders more so than anything else.

            I am now torn between Squared Financial, ATC Brokers UK, Tickmill, FXCM and LMAX (though I doubt I'll go the FXCM road). Any experience or insights to share?

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            • Originally posted by Dom View Post
              ... (probable; albeit unlikely in frequency) draw-down ...

              I get what you're saying, but an event / risk can't be both probable and unlikely.


              • Originally posted by SteadyCapture View Post
                Good question BRM,

                The Leverage ratio is a software calculation from the MT4 history and refers to the maximum use of leverage on any open position. It was calculated from recent available history on the live MT4 trade server.

                The current maximum leverage allowed is for scalping which is 35x Equity. This amount of leverage use will be very rare and is designed to accommodate entry on maximum rated scalps with full draw down management capabilities, giving me a reference point to work with.

                A theoretical maximum use of leverage would occur when a maximum rated scalp, positional and Gold trade all experienced full draw down at the same time. This has never occurred because of the slim chances and the fact that I watch co-relation levels in live trades. As one type of trade experiences draw down I also lower the use of leverage allowed on the other types.

                The vast majority of the time the account will maintain all it's positions with a 12x Leverage ratio or less, thus the live history max of 4.07.
                OK so for a $10'000 account your saying;
                - the maximum open lot sizing you would have would be 3.50 lots?
                - However, for most of the time it would stay within the 1.20 lots parameters.
                - And thus far to date (myfxbook since April) your maximum open positions has been 0.41 lots (0.407)

                I also noted that since myfxbook inception you haven't traded gold at all. I am only asking as I may follow with 2 different brokers, 1 of which has shitty spreads on Gold (thus it looks like Gold isn't a CORE pair therefore I wouldn't really be missing out on too much)

                Also in regards to leveraged can you confirm that the master leverage is set to 1:150? Meaning if I have 1:200 then I should be fine. I guess where an issue following a signal can occur is if the master has say 1:400 but the copier has only 1:200.

                Sorry for my delay in response and thank you for your answer and any future answers. I'm quietly excited by this signal and your responses on here are very measured. I like reasoning and mate you seem very switched on and active which is nice to see from a subscribers position.


                • Originally posted by Dom View Post
                  To expand a little more on what Steady Capture has said, the leverage ratio is based upon the notional lot sizing of the position upon open, relative to what the balance was at the time.

                  Using the example above and a copiers balance, this might have looked like this (roughly speaking):

                  Balance: $10,000.00
                  Lot Size: 0.40

                  Market Trade: EUR|USD

                  The lot size in units (based upon a Standard Account) is 40,000 units of the Base Currency (EUR|USD < USD is the Base Currency). At the time of the trade opening, the balance was at $10,000.00. We want to know how much leverage (notional) was applied to the trade. So we would do the following:

                  40,000 units (0.40 lots) / $10,000.00 = 4.00.

                  We would have said that in this case the notional leverage applied was 1:4 (or said in another way, the leverage was 4 times that of the balance).

                  Hope this helps a little.
                  Yep great answer, very simple. I think when I read that the screen was blurry...and the head was fuzzy....very fuzzy clearly as it's seems more simple than waking up in the morning.

                  I have another possibly dumb question.

                  If my account is in AUD then are these ratios completely interchangeable? See below

                  Balance: $10,000.00 AUD
                  Lot Size: 0.40
                  Market Trade: EUR|USD

                  Still 4.00? or are we in fact taking on more risk in that situation? I'm sure I know this but sometimes my brain just explodes and if I hear it from the mouth of the stats guy then my brain can keep focusing on things like bikinis and coffee and football and trading.


                  • Peeper,

                    It's true that Squared Financial caters more to the Institutional side, so some of the regulatory protections afforded to retail clients may be different or unavailable, I'm not sure.

                    One concern to have would be making sure your account is hosted on an MT4 trade server that isn't over-populated. Especially when brokers are in growth phase or popular with many thousands of retail accounts, system resources on the trade server itself can become an issue during volume spikes. In such cases I've seen and heard examples of trade servers slowing significantly. This has nothing to do with available liquidity but is strictly a hardware limitation. Some brokers have "active trader" or "pro" accounts with minimum monthly volume requirements and they may be hosted on a different, less populated trade server. A second concern is the type of execution on MT4 - instant or market. Instant execution is the instant price you click on - yes, but subject to requotes when volatility increases enough to push slippage outside your tolerances. This can be dangerous when you HAVE to execute a trade, either a hedge or a close out. You don't want to be getting rejected and re-quoted in those times. For this reason I prefer market execution which will give you the best price available ASAP. The downside is that market execution is heavily reliant upon the server's hardware performance and subject to competition for fills from other accounts on the server. The issue becomes amplified during market volume spikes, when trade sizes become bigger, and/or when using a currency pair with lower liquidity. The absolute best performing MT4 trade servers will give you virtually instant fills with market execution in any condition, as long as the liquidity is there. In my experience though, not all MT4 trade servers are created equal so some due diligence/testing is warranted for serious investors.

                    The above concerns haven't really been an issue so far with Squared Financial and I've been very happy with the trade server performance. I am consistently getting clean, low latency fills. I didn't want to go with FXCM and the other brokers you mentioned I don't have experience with. Whoever you go with, don't be afraid to ask some direct questions about their MT4 server populations, execution types and available options.


                    • BRM,

                      For the $10,000 account, all correct for currency pairs starting with USD (USD/CAD, etc.). Pairs ending in USD require your figures to be adjusted for the exchange rate. The theoretical maximum above 35x is not something I'm expecting to happen much, if at all in practice because as one type of trade experiences DD I dial down the use of leverage allowed on the other types. This is because I have to keep my 30% Max DD rule in mind which limits such simultaneous high uses of leverage. I just want to disclose the possibilities under the rules of the account.

                      You are right about Gold's absence so far. I scan all the currency pairs regularly but some haven't provided compelling enough opportunities for a while. As time goes by the diversity will continue to show up in the trade history.

                      1:150 on the Master account is confirmed.


                      • Breathtaking example of buy the rumor sell the news today. I entered a scalping position on the PA resulting from the break of the Greek deal, which quickly revealed itself as a 'sell the news'. Obviously wasn't expecting it and had to let the market win this one. Treading carefully for the last 3 weeks would've been better served with just one more scalp and I know it... well done market, I'll get you next time.

                        I'm sharing in today's disappointment but not shaken at all. Like usual I'm confident in hitting the new highs list again soon.


                        • Originally posted by SteadyCapture View Post
                          Breathtaking example of buy the rumor sell the news today. I entered a scalping position on the PA resulting from the break of the Greek deal, which quickly revealed itself as a 'sell the news'. Obviously wasn't expecting it and had to let the market win this one. Treading carefully for the last 3 weeks would've been better served with just one more scalp and I know it... well done market, I'll get you next time.

                          I'm sharing in today's disappointment but not shaken at all. Like usual I'm confident in hitting the new highs list again soon.
                          Yeah, bad luck Jay.

                          I was watching the account live when it happened and the long certainly made sense to me at the time.

                          To be honest I think you did well to get out the way you did. Exiting the second trade on the pullback only a few pips from entry saved us all a lot of cash.

                          Looking forward to watching the recovery
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                          • Appreciated Nick but obviously wish I had gotten out a little more at that point. Sometimes booking those kinds of losses are some of the best trades for the amount they can save you. As it worked out GBP/USD had the much safer and more negotiable price action off of the news. Too many speculative longs in the Euro at the time I guess.


                            • I was watching too.
                              I was surprised to see a long on eurusd by this time. Even good trader can be wrong.
                              Hope to see your next move soon.


                              • Today you've closed 7 trades with total loss of 155 pips...however my account had 9 closed trades with total loss of 255 pips..Never had this issue till now..Thank you and keep the good work