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    Originally posted by Nick View Post

    No you shouldn't, if you've got questions on the copier please hit us up on support, the traders don't know the intricacies of the copier.

    If you open it manually it won't be managed, "out of range" means that price is outside the slippage parameters. If price returns to entry then the trade will be opened.
    Thanks but sorry I know how the copier work. That's a trading advise I ask for.



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      Jay so this GU short is a hedge for the GJ long then?

      But for me its hepas bigger than the GJ long? Like 4 times as big.....

      Can you confirm that the GU is a hedge for the GJ?

      I was actually going to disable GU and pairs like it in case a trader decided to trade it, I already have exposure due to Smart Trader. And also with these synthetic hedges it just uses twice as much personally I am inclined to close the GU short myself but alas its already moved against me. Having shit luck myslef recently.

      Also we can't see your trade size in the trade room anymore (my eyes arent good enough to see Nicks account and trade sizes)
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        Jay, are you planning to close all GBP trades ahead of Brexit? I was also going to disable GBP before you took another trade and I don't want to go into Brexit with any open GBP pairs unless you can explain your strategy based on the worse case scenario? Some news sources say the pound could go to parity with EUR or drop 30% across the board.

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          do u plan to add to this gbp sell? i cant afford your aggressive trades due to my margin been reduced to 1:20...I need clear plan until and after brexit decision because if you add aggressively on decision day the margin will be same.Waiting.


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            Hey guys,

            Trading this week was very small and I just played the flows of risk on versus risk off with pair's trades knowing that the market was going to probe risk off for sure a few times. That was the purpose of the GBP trade which is now closed. Actually the Master is essentially flat right now because all that is left is a small legacy GBP/JPY position which is cleanly hedged so no worries. It is Long 0.02 Lots GBP/JPY and Short 0.02 GBP/USD Short 0.03 USD/JPY. Followers still having this position should have sizing in exactly that ratio. I strongly recommend closing the position manually if your ratios are now different because you could have an unbalanced hedge going into potential pip moves in the thousands. I will not be adjusting it until after the vote nor will any GBP pairs be traded before that.

            It is prudent to tread very carefully before next week's vote and I may not trade at all until after that. Keep your accounts safe guys, I've been reading some estimates predicting a 10% move in the GBP after the vote. The effect on the forex markets could be quite substantial.
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              Nice job on the AUDCAD basket Jay. It took a lot longer than I'm sure you expected, but we all made great money on that.

              Looking forward to seeing you play the moves after the Brexit vote next week.
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                Firstly & most importantly, thank you Jay for the great returns so far this year and more so, the low drawdown.

                My GBP/JPY, GBP/USD & USD/JPY trades are slightly off the ratio you stated. They are: Long GBP/JPY 0.14, Short GBP/USD 0.09 & Short USD/JPY 0.14. As I don't touch this account, I'm a little disappointed that is hasn't followed the ratio you mentioned and also disappointed I've only discovered it. I realise I'm asking you for individual advice, however if you can I would appreciate your opinion on whether this is worth leaving open at this ratio?

                Thank you


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                  No problem, this trade has been an unusual case. Close 0.06 GBP/JPY, Close 0.01 GBP/USD, Close 0.02 USD/JPY leaving you with 0.08, 0.08, 0.12. As long as the copier can still close the positions when I do you'll be alright. For this reason adjusting them by adding lots won't work, only reducing will.

                  For all those affected, I again have to mention that it's important in this situation for the ratio to be right before next week's Brexit vote.



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                    @ SC - I'm a recent subscriber to your signal and thus do not have the USDJPY trade on. I only have GBPJPY and GBPUSD on. Would you still say I'm adequately hedged to go through Brexit with just those 2 trades? Thanks. Beau


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                      Originally posted by beauh View Post
                      @ SC - I'm a recent subscriber to your signal and thus do not have the USDJPY trade on. I only have GBPJPY and GBPUSD on. Would you still say I'm adequately hedged to go through Brexit with just those 2 trades? Thanks. Beau

                      No, definitely not. Close both GBP trades as soon as you're able to.
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                        @SC what is the plan for GBPJPY? I have all 3 pairs disabled when you hedge this trade. Is now safe to remove GBPUSD and USDJPY from disabled list?


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                          Yes. The GBPUSD / USDJPY part of the hedge had been in 'close only' mode for a while now so if you haven't done so already it's safe to enable both those pairs for copying. Technically speaking I should still say GBPJPY should be disabled in case of new followers coming in midstream before the position is totally closed (or followers without hedging accounts). But for current legacy followers if your account is flatly hedged out like the Master is currently OR you have no position in any of the 3 AND your account has access to hedging trades you'll be fine enabling them all now.


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                            Jay, I closed both GBP pairs and USDJPY before Brexit announcement because they were not evenly hedged and you suggested to close them. However I've now got GBPAUD 0.06 and GBPJPY 0.03 open. Are these ok to remain open or should they be closed because they form part of your previous hedging strategy?

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                              In your case just close GBPJPY now but leave GBPAUD open, it is not a hedge. After that you should be fine to have all pairs enabled as long as your account allows hedging, if not disable GBPJPY for the time being.


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                                I noticed that for a smooth copying of very raffinate hedging tecnique used by Jay it's almost needed to mirror at lot multiplier with a integer factor, 1x 2x etc and not 1.2x 1.3x etc

                                Not doing that will produce a never ending struggle against correct hedging balance

                                I really appreciate Jay skill at hedging, never seen before