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Our traders are among the best in the business, all of whom have proven their ability to make money for our clients over several years.

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Did you know that our traders are generating 30 - 100% annual net returns?
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If you would like to take a step towards building wealth for you and your family and prefer to leave the job of trading to professionals with a proven track record, we’d’ like to invite you to invest with one of our traders below.

Since our inception in May 2012, we’ve grown to support thousands of clients from all over world (including USA) with tens of millions of dollars under management.

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FX Viper Strategy

FX Viper is a professional full time currency trader who has been trading for over 30 years across currencies , stocks and options. He currently trades over $12mil of assets. He looks for precision entry points using areas of support and resistance looking at many factors including news flow.

Invest with FX Viper

Gold Star Strategy

Gold Star is semi-automated grid system uses a complex blend of proprietary indicators to identify key levels of supply and demand in the gold market. Risk management is paramount with this strategy. This is managed through the use 1 or more large baskets of 15 small trades of identical size.

Invest with Gold Star

Steady Capture Strategy

SteadyCapture is controlled by a manual trader from Canada with over 10 years experience generating returns from the markets. He uses multiple time frames to identify high probability opportunities across all the major currency pairs as well as Gold and Silver.

Invest with Steady Capture