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How it works

This page explains how we can help you make money on the forex market when 95% of retail traders fail


We help our clients make money on the forex market, it’s that simple.

We work hard to secure the most reliable forex traders in the industry. All are professionals, with years of experience and millions under management. We then offer transparent access to copy their trades inside our free trading room. If you haven’t logged in to check it out yet, you should. It’s awesome.

Once you’ve become familiar with us and how we operate you may want to invest directly with one or more of the traders on our site, and this is where it gets interesting. We offer retail investors the ability to allocate capital to our traders so it can be managed on their behalf.

Our targeted net annual returns range between 30 > 100%. These returns have have the ability to compound even a modest investment into something life changing when invested over several years.


We connect investors to our traders through a variety of performance fee only, managed accounts. There is no software to install or VPS required, once invested clients receive read only access to monitor their investment as well as a daily statement on all the trading activity for the previous 24hrs.


Important facts about our managed accounts

There are no entry/exit fee, no broker mark-up and no management fees.

Clients only pay a monthly profit share of 30% on a high water-mark basis.

We offer both ASIC regulated and unregulated accounts depending on your broker preference.

Clients can withdraw their money at ANY time without question.

Client accounts are kept in their name directly at the broker. We never have the ability to access client funds other than to execute trades.


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